Waiver Wire Pickups - Week 10

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First of all I'd like to apologize for those of you who sent in questions for our Fantasy Mailbag on Friday.

Technical difficulties made it impossible for us to post anything up until Sunday around noon, which of course was way too late for our advice to help you out.

This week we'll ANSWER EVERY QUESTION we get and post them on Friday.

Send your questions to: molsen@chicagosuntimes.com

But for now, here are some waiver wire options that you might want to take a look at before your league counterparts can beat you to the punch.

Each and every year there are a few guys that lay around on the waiver wire for a few weeks before exploding onto the scene and becoming fantasy legends like Ryan Grant from a year ago.

It's important you keep evaluating your talent each week and don't be afraid to drop someone on your roster that has been getting by on name recognition alone.

Sage Rosenfels Texans, QB - Once again Rosenfels will be called upon to replace an injured Matt Schaub in this high powered offense.

Rosenfels is more than capable of delivering big time fantasy numbers and should certainly be added to teams that are in desperate need of a playmaker under center.

Daunte Culpepper Lions, QB - He's not starting immediately, so this is more of a pickup for those of you who have some space on your bench. Being paired with a young, freakish wide receiver like Calvin Johnson is something Culpepper will take full advantage of.

Whether or not this move translates into wins for the Lions remains to be seen, but for fantasy purposes this could be huge.

Rex Grossman Bears, QB - This is only for those of you who were using Kyle Orton or if you're in desperate need of a quarterback and missed out on Sage Rosenfels.

Grossman has consistently been a roller coaster fantasy QB since he entered the league and is someone you'd only play if the matchup was right.

Ray Rice Ravens, RB - I've been a big fan of Rice's since draft day and couldn't believe the Ravens were choosing to go with Le'Ron Mclain more often than him.

But last week Rice torched the Browns on 21 carries, rumbling for 154 yds and a 7.3 ypc average. Incumbent starter Willis McGahee has been hurt from the word 'go' this year and won't be healthy enough to carry the load for the Ravens.

Rice, on the other hand, is more than capable.

Ryan Torian Broncos, RB - If you've listened to everyone else, Torian is the greatest player in the NFL that you've never heard of.

He was all set to assume the starting running back slot for the vaunted Broncos rushing attack until he dislocated his shoulder. Last week was the first time he entered the game and now that Michael Pittman and Andre Hall have been placed on the IR, look for Torian to get the starting nod on Sunday.

Greg Camarillo Dolphins, WR - Excuse us if we're a little late to the party in recommending Camarillo as a pickup.

But now that we're here, it's time you seriously considered adding this unknown to your roster. He pulled down 11 catches for 111 yds against the Broncos and is clearly Chad Pennington's most trusted target.

Mark Bradley Chiefs, WR - He's quickly assumed the second fiddle role to Dwayne Bowe down in KC, and has looked impressive doing it.

That 37-yard bomb he threw to QB Tyler Thigpen was a thing of beauty and the Chiefs are using him in ways the Bears could have never dreamed of. Thigpen has now resembled a starting NFL QB two weeks in a row and if that continues, Bradley's value will only rise.

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Hey Matt. I had Orton but as you well know, he got injured so I need to pick up a QB. In addition to the QBs you've listed, Flacco and Trent Edwards are still available in my league. I picked up Flacco which should go through tomorrow morning unless I decide otherwise. Should I stick with him or go for one of the guys you listed? And what are your thoughts on picking up Brady Quinn now that he's starting in place of Derek Anderson? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on my QB sitch.

Olsen responds: The first thing I would do Shirley is delete the claim you put in for Joe Flacco.

He's been surprisingly solid as a rookie for the Ravens and does have a very nice matchup this week against the Texans. But overall I think you'd be better served taking a shot and picking up Brady Quinn or Shaun Hill from the 49ers.

Overall I like the talent surrounding Quinn much more than I do Flacco and playing against a Broncos defense on Thursday night that has given up 12 passing TDs and ranks 27th in pass defense is ideal for him.

But you may also want to look in Shaun Hill's direction too if he's still available in your league. Hill was very close to assuming the starting position before the 2008 season started after he threw five touchdown passes in the final three games of 2007.

Another factor you should look at is their remaining schedule. Reports sounds as if Kyle Orton will be back in only a couple of weeks, meaning the quarterback you're picking up for the quick fix would ideally have a soft schedule during that time.

Quinn: Home vs. Denver, at Buffalo, Home vs. Houston
Hill: at Arizona, Home vs. St. Louis, at Dallas

I think Quinn is the high risk/high reward candidate for you in this situation Shirley and if guys like Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr. step up around him, he could surprise a lot of people.

But Hill is the steady, dependable choice that could float you through the K.O. injury.

Your call. Let me know which way you end up going.

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