The best and worst of Week 12

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The Best


Matt Cassel - Patriots
415 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Matt Cassel: fantasy superstar. If he can keep this up and lead the Pats deep in the playoffs, is this the NFL's best story since Kurt Warner broke through? Cassel became the first player in Pats history to pass for over 400 yards in consecutive weeks. It makes you wonder why more pro teams don't run the spread offense.

Tony Romo - Cowboys
341 yards, 3 TD

I feel like the Cowboys are the second best team in the NFC right now. If Romo can stay healthy the rest of the year, they'll give the Giants a dogfight in the playoffs.

Running backs

Michael Turner - Falcons
117 yards, 4 TD

After years of having to sit behind the league's best back, Turner has really made the most of his time as a starter this year. He put up one of the best games of the season yesterday for fantasy players, and because of it the Falcons look like they could be headed to the playoffs.

Matt Forte - Bears
132 yards, 2 TD

Matt Forte is the best Bears offensive player since....Marcus Robinson? Hopefully owners are enjoying him this season as a rookie. If you want to draft Forte next year, you will probably have to do so in the first round.


Randy Moss - Patriots
125 yards, 3 TD

Terrell Owens - Cowboys
213 yards, TD

It was kind of cool to see the two best receivers of the generation - and maybe two of the three best ever - both dominate on Sunday. Moss and Owens may talk a lot off the field, but fantasy players only care about raw stats, and no one has been better the last decade than those two.

The Worst

Brian Westbrook - Eagles
39 yards

Andy Reid, see ya later.

Jay Cutler - Broncos
204 yards, INT

Who knew the Raiders would be the first team to finally solve Cutler?

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