The best and worst of Week 11

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The Best


Matt Cassel - New England Patriots
400 yards, 3 TD

Thursday night's 400 yard, three touchdown performance against the Jets sparked Cassel Mania. It was only a few weeks ago when New England was getting bashed for not insuring Brady with a veteran. Now teams around the NFL are lining up for Cassel's services next summer.

Peyton Manning - Indianapolis Colts
320 yards, 2 TD

Quietly, Manning has gone back to being the NFL's best quarterback. His stats the last three weeks: 814 yards, seven touchdowns, no picks.

Running backs

Steve Slaton - Houston Texans
156 yards, 1 TD

Slaton has been a revelation this year, both for the Texans and fantasy owners. He may have been one of the best waiver wire pickups this season. He set a career high in yards yesterday with 156, and, just for fun, added a touchdown.

Ryan Grant - Green Bay Packers
145 yards, 1 TD

Yeah, that was ugly.

Wide receivers

Justin Gage - Tennessee Titans
147 yards, 2 TD

Remember when Gage actually used to be good on the Bears his rookie year? Those were the days. Gage has been a fairly reliable target for the Titans all season, but yesterday he set a career high in yardage.

Anquan Boldin - Arizona Cardinals
186 yards

I'm sure Boldin is glad Kurt Warner decided not to retire.

The Bad

QB David Garrard - Jacksonville Jaguars
135 yards, 1 INT

As Rex Grossman will tell you, that Titans D is ferocious.

RB Brian Westbrook - Philadelphia Eagles
60 yards

Has there been a bigger first round fantasy bust?

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