Start or Sit - Week 10

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Like I tell you every week, you probably won't find your stud players on this list. Guys like Adrian Peterson, Brian Westbrook and Larry Fitzgerald should always be started, regardless of who they're playing so it's a waste of time to even mention them.

This week we'll ANSWER EVERY QUESTION we get and post them on Friday for our Fantasy Mailbag column.

Send your questions to:

and between Ricky and myself, we'll do the best we can to help you out.

Otherwise, good luck this weekend.


Must starts: Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, Donovan McNabb


Matt Ryan - Falcons vs. Saints - This kid is the real deal, no question about it.

For Bears fans, all it took was that last second drive in Week 6 to know that Ryan was worth a first overall selection in Atlanta. And he's only getting better as the season progresses.

This week he is presented with the opportunity to play against a defense that gives up 237 yds per game and just loves to engage in a good old fashioned shootout. With Drew Brees on the opposing sideline, expect Ryan to step his already impressive game up and deliver upwards of 260 yds and at least 2 TDs.f

Aaron Rogers - Packers vs. Vikings - So what do you do when the league's second best run defense is staring you down in an extremely important division game this Sunday?

You throw it like crazy and then you throw it some more.

Rogers squared off against the Vikes' in Week 1 and was extremely efficient in leading the Pack' to a win. With pass rush specialist Jared Allen potentially missing this affair, I expect Rogers to do even better this week as he picks apart a weak Vikings secondary for 300 yds and at least one TD.

Brett Favre - Jets vs. Rams - The old man that could hasn't thrown a TD pass in two out of his last three games and has appeared tentative to unleash his inner gunslinger mentality.

Fortunately the Rams are coming to town and Favre will make his patient fantasy owners proud with a fine fantasy performance.

Shaun Hill - 49ers vs. Cardinals - Call me crazy but the 49ers really shouldn't be as bad as their record indicates. Not because of bad calls, bad plays or anything like that. In fact, they've been behind for the majority of the time they've played on Sundays.

But this offense does have one of the best running backs in football and their defense is littered with young talent.

Hill is the steady hand this team has desperately needed and can help piece this Mike Martz offense back together.


Eli Manning - Giants vs. Eagles - If you didn't know any better, you'd think the Fantasy Factor has something against the Manning boys.

But both of their matchups are extremely suspect and I think this is the week the G-Men come back down to earth.

Philly is one of the most difficult places to play in football and with Def. Coordinator Jim Johnson calling the shot, Manning won't know where to run. With a weather forecast calling for rain, expect a heavy does of Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward and not so much from Manning.

Peyton Manning - Colts vs. Steelers - This Steelers defense is playing out of its mind right now. They lead the league in pass defense and are third in rushing defense.

But the stat that has to be keeping Peyton Manning up at night is their league best 32 sacks this season.

The way you beat Manning is with pressure, taking him out of his comfort zone in the pocket. When he starts to get those happy feet, all bets are off and you can bet the Steelers will get to him early and often this weekend.

Daunte Culpepper - Lions vs. Jaguars - Come on, you've to at least give him a week.

Reports out of Detroit make it sound like he's going to be the starter this Sunday and while I'm sure you're having visions of Culpepper to Calvin Johnson deep downfield, I implore you to resist the urge and bench him.

Running Backs

Must starts: Adrian Peterson (Min), Brian Westbrook, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, LaDanian Tomlinson


Ryan Torian - Broncos vs. Browns - Like I said in this week's Waiver Wire column, Torian is the best player you've never heard about.

He's a must have in every league now that the Broncos once five deep rushing attack is down to Torian and Selvin Young.

In his first opportunity with the starting spot, Torian is faced with the league's 28th worst run defense and could be in line for a breakout performance a la Ryan Grant from a year ago.

Do you want to miss out on that?

Maurice Jones-Drew - Jaguars vs. Lions - I'm fairly certain I've never seen such a confusing and frustrating fantasy player as MJD.

In games you expect him to run wild he disappoints. In games you expect him to struggle he goes off.

The most promising aspect of MJD this week is his opponent, the winless Lions and their league worst run defense. If he can't deliver against these guys I don't know how you could ever feel confident about him being an every week starter on your team.

Ronnie Brown - Dolphins vs. Seahawks - I'm sure this isn't how Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren envisioned his last year in Seattle going.

As a parting gift, Ronnie Brown will be kind enough to use the Wildcat formation on his way to a lovely 100 yd performance with at least one TD as a bonus.

Good bye Mike.

Tim Hightower - Cardinals vs. 49ers - This kid is an absolute beast and made it very clear in Week 9 why he, and not Edgerrin James, deserves to be starting in the Arizona backfield.

He runs tough and appears to be a perfect fit for this Cardinals offense. With Kurt Warner picking apart defenses seemingly at will, Hightower will find plenty of room to run and should come close to repeating last week's lofty numbers (109 yds, TD).


Joseph Addai - Colts vs. Steelers - I'd argue that Addai has been the biggest bust so far this year in fantasy football. In most leagues he was a top five pick and hasn't lived up to the expectations that come along with it.

Things are going to get worse before they getter for Addai against a brutal Steelers defense. After this week the schedule starts to soften and Addai will have his chance to get back in your fantasy good graces. But until then, leave him on the pine.

Chris Johnson - Titans vs. Bears - The leading candidate for the NFL Rookie of the Year award is going to find the trail pretty rough against the Bears defense.

The way to beat the Bears is to exploit their horrendous pass defense and forgo trying to establish a running game. I like LenDale White's chances in this affair, but not Johnson's.

Steve Slaton - Texans vs. Ravens - While Slaton has been an outstanding rookie so far this season, against the Ravens he's going to struggle. The best backs in football struggle against this defense and Slaton will be no different.

Wide Receivers

Must starts: Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Calvin Johnson


Marques Colston - Saints vs. Falcons - There's speculation that maybe Colston tried to come back too early from a hand injury and has suffered because of it.

Coming off a bye week that surely helped him get closer to his old form, look for Colston to finally put his stamp on the 2008 season with a big day against the Falcons. He's a big part of what makes this Saints offense tick and QB Drew Brees won't have any problems feeding him all day.

Greg Jennings - Packers vs. Vikings - See Aaron Rogers above.
It's on like Donkey Kong for this Packers aerial attack.

Brandon Marshall - Broncos vs. Browns - There's no way this kid gets embarrassed again like he did against the Dolphins last week.

This Broncos offense has been in a sever slump the past couple weeks and Marshall's value has suffered greatly because of it. Marshall will continue to be Jay Cutler's primary target and will have a huge game on Thursday night primetime football.


Bernard Berrian - Vikings vs. Packers - Berrian has been producing in a big way for those of you who were patient enough to stick through the Tavaris Jackson era in Minnesota.

He's developed nice chemistry with Gus Frerrote and he's become the deep threat the Vikes' envisioned when they signed him to a big offseason contract.

However, the Packers know that as well and aren't about to let Berrian slip past them for one of his patented long balls. A very mediocre day awaits those of you who start him anyway.

Randy Moss - Patriots vs. Bills - I've wanted to put Moss on this list for quite some time now, but could never actually bring myself to doing it.

The way to beat this Bills team is to establish the run and stick with it. Leaving Randy Moss' talents to rot away while he runs harmless wind sprints on Sunday.

Donnie Avery - Rams vs. Jets - He was a great story for a couple weeks there, but it's time Mr. Avery came face to face with the earth.

The Rams are still a terrible team and with Steven Jackson out possibly another week, their prospects of putting any kind of points on the board aren't very bright.

Tight Ends

Must starts: Antonio Gates, Kellen Winslow Jr., Owen Daniels, Tony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark


Anthony Fasano - Dolphins vs. Seahawks - He's starting to take a firm hold of the job for Miami and Pennington is leaning on him more and more each week.


Greg Olsen - Bears vs. Titans - Olsen doesn't have the same chemistry with Rex Grossman that he did with Kyle Orton.

Until the K.O. Kid is back under center, Olsen is going to struggle.

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