Waiver Wire Pickups - Week 11

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But for now, here are some waiver wire options that you might want to take a look at before your league counterparts can beat you to the punch.

Each and every year there are a few guys that lay around on the waiver wire for a few weeks before exploding onto the scene and becoming fantasy legends like Ryan Grant from a year ago.

It's important you keep evaluating your talent each week and don't be afraid to drop someone on your roster that has been getting by on name recognition alone.

Again we're going to ANSWER EVERY QUESTION we get and post them on Friday.

Send your questions to: molsen@chicagosuntimes.com

From trade advice to roster advice, we'll help you out.

Tyler Thigpen Chiefs, QB - I've seen enough. I'm officially a believer in Tyler Thigpen.

I have no idea how this happened or why it's happened. But the Chiefs look they may have finally found the heir apparent to Damon Huard in Thigpen and are playing as good as they have all season because of it.

He's been scorching hot as of late, most notably this past weekend against the Chargers where he tossed three touchdowns to go along with 266 yds. Thigpen has yet to turn the ball over and has looked confident under center.

A nice matchup awaits those of you who take a chance on Thigpen. The Saints will come marching in Sunday, with their horrendous pass defense in tow.

Shaun Alexander Redskins, RB - Where am I?

What year is this?

This isn't the fantasy factor flashback edition and you may seriously want to toy with the notion of picking Alexander up this weekend. Mid-season MVP candidate Clinton Portis is looking doubtful for Sunday's tilt against the Cowboys and head coach Jim Zorn indicated backup Ladell Betts is highly unlikely to suit up.

Leaving the old man Alexander.

The Dallas defense definitely leaves something to be desired and Alexander has a fresh set of legs that once carried him to setting the league record for touchdowns in a season.

It's a very interesting proposition that I think any owner in need of a back should consider heading into Week 11.

Carnell 'Cadillac' Williams Bucs, RB - You may remember that gruesome knee injury that Cadillac had last year. It was one of those plays that made you sick to your stomach before you even realized what really happened.

After spending the entire year up until this point on the PUP, Cadillac sounds as if he's ready to roll and it couldn't come at a better time for the Bucs.

Starter Earnest Graham may or may not play this weekend after suffering a knee injury in Week 9. And Warrick Dunn is still iffy with a bad neck.

According to the Associated Press, head coach Jon Gruden had this to say after practice yesterday:

"I've said for a long time, it's almost like Christmas is here. Christmas is Wednesday, I hope. We'll see how [Cadillac] feels, talk to the trainer and medical people. If my eyes don't deceive me, I think he's got a chance to be a player this year for our team."

Keep your ear to the ground regarding this situation but this could be the best late pickup you're going to find in 2008.

Mark Bradley Chiefs, WR - This is the second week in a row that Bradley has been apart of this column, but I think it's more than warranted.

Side note: I would love to know the whole story about how the Bears and Bradley saga went down over at Halas Hall. Remember, when the Bears lost Berrian, Bradley was tagged the team's new go-to-guy of the wide receiving corps.

Fast forward not even six months later and he's gone.

And playing amazingly well for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's scored a touchdown in one form or another in three straight games and last week caught a game high nine passes for 81 yds.

I've always loved his potential and it's finally starting to show out in K.C.

Michael Jenkins Falcons, WR - Remember how everyone used to believe that the wide receiver the Falcons drafted were busts after they failed to meet expectations while Michael Vick was running the show?

It's amazing how quickly things can change with a good quarterback. Jenkins has finally developed chemistry with rookie wonder Matt Ryan and fantasy owners like yourself should stand up and take notice.

Jenkins notched a pair of scored in Week 9 against the Raiders and in the past four games has failed to record anything less than 50 yds receiving.

Solid pickup just when you needed it most.

Dustin Keller Jets, TE - Rarely do I ever waste my breath mentioning the TE position in this column. I'm of the belief that they're a dime a dozen and there's not much separating the best from the rest.

That being said, this year is starting to wear on that belief because of guys like Dustin Keller.

If there's one thing we can take away from Brett Favre's past in Green Bay is that he loves to use the TE. It's his safety blanket and after last week's 107 yd, TD performance, Favre may look his way quite frequently down the stretch.

Then again, he's a TE. So don't hope for too much.

Kevin Boss Giants, TE - How ridiculous is it that now I have two TE's on this list?

I'm seriously considering going for a mental checkup this week.

Either way, Boss has entrenched himself as the starting TE on this impressive Giants team now that Super Bowl hero David Tyree is gone.

Boss has scored a TD in three straight games and in reality is the more professional version of Jeremy Shockey with better hands.

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It's not "the TE position" it's just the tight end. Ugh.

Olsen responds: Ha. I love this guy.

I need to start 3: Steve Breaston (@ SEA), Mark Bradley (vs. NO), Lance Moore (@ KC), Jerricho Cotchery (@ NE), and Muhsin Muhammad (vs. DET).
I'm kind of tempted to start Breaston because of his performance on MNF and Seattle should be throwing a lot with Hasselbeck back thus making Warner throw as well. I've read that the KC v. NO game may be a shoot-out so that kind of makes me want to start Moore & Bradley. Not sure about Cotchery since he didn't get so many yards last week but usually virtually every week, FF blogs/sites say to start him. And I have a feeling that Muhammad won't be the leading receiver this week as Steve Smith won't have a strong CB defending him like he did last week in Oakland.

Please help! Thanks!

Olsen responds: Welcome back Shirley.

You're absolutely correct about Breaston. While many doubted he would continue his production after Anquan Boldin returned from injury, that has not been the case. He's continually finding ways to get open and in an offense led by Kurt Warner, you'll be rewarded for doing so. Start Breaston with confidence.

I know Cotchery has been a disappointment as of late, but you've got to stick with him. He hasn't found the end zone since Week 4, but that streak will snap tonight against a Patriots secondary that's given up 14 passing TDs this season.

Your third option is much more difficult to predict, given the matchups each present. That Kansas City, New Orleans game will be a high scoring affair, that I will not deny.

However, embattled Chiefs running back Larry 'I'll Spit in Your Face Because I Have No Class' Johnson is back in the mix and I worry that head coach Herm Edwards will try too hard to establish a running game.

But Chiefs QB Tyler Thigpen is on an unbelievable hot streak that coincided with the arrival of Mark Bradley.

Lance Moore will still be playing second fiddle to Marques Colston and after watching game film of Maurice Jones-Drew shredding the Detroit Lions defense, 'Moose' will be relegated to paving the way for DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

So, after all of that, I think you should start Breaston, Cotchery and Bradley.

Good luck.

I am in a 10 team league and I am deciding between 6 wideouts where I can only start 3...Wes Welker, Antonio Bryant, Vincent Jackson, Ted Ginn Jr, Kevin Curtis, and Mark Bradley. Also between 6 running backs that I can only start 3...LaDanian Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Cedric Benson, Peyton Willis, and Ladell Betts...who do like you like?

Olsen responds: Definitely go with Welker, the most consistent performer on that Patriots squad. He just set the record for most consecutive games with at least six receptions and will continue that streak against the Jets tonight.

I worry about any player that lines up against that Steelers defense so starting Jackson may be out of the question.

Antonio Bryant isn't a bad option considering the sad state of affairs that is the current Tampa Bay running back situation. Throw the Vikings ridiculous run defense into the mix and it's probable that Jeff Garcia is going to be throwing all over the field on Sunday.

Tedd Ginn Jr. is far too unreliable compared to the remaining options on your roster so I'd leave him on the pine this week.

The final spot comes down to Bradley and Curtis. They both have matchups you'd love to exploit against the Saints and Bengals respectively. I'm still not convinced that Curtis is in tune with McNabb yet after missing the early part of the season. Plus, Brian Westbrook had a horrendous showing in Week 10 and the Eagles will make getting him involved in the offense their top priority.

Keep riding Bradley while he's hot and wait until Curtis has back to back games in which he produces for you.

And now we come to L.T. While I don't particularly like the matchup I think you have to give him the starting nod because I'm not sure you have any other options.

Cedric Benson just popped up on the injury report with a back issue and realistically wouldn't be a very good option anyways against the Eagles.

Peyton Willis is a nice story and all, but the Falcons defense is better than most realize and he'll only be there for short yardage situations. The rest of the time the Broncos will let Jay Cutler air it out and win it for them that way.

Betts might play Sunday, but will probably be splitting carries with Shaun Alexander and can't be counted upon to deliver the kind of numbers you need from your second back.

LenDale White is a must start against the Jags and is the best option you have.

Go with him and L.T.

Good luck.

two ?'s.

1) Eli or mat hasslebeck (sp)

2) Derek ward or Shaun Alexander.

This is pretty much the game that wins my division. Looking for all the extra outside help I can get.

Ricky responds: If the game is that important, I'd say trust your gut. You've been following your team the whole year, so you would know. I guess if the game is that important, I'd want the best player out there regardless of matchup. So Eli over Hasselbeck. As for your rb's....that's a tough one. Alexander should get the start, but no one has seen him play effectively in forever. I guess I'd start Alexander, just because he's a safer bet to get touches, but it's your call.

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