Waiver Wire Pickups - Week 7

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By now you should have a pretty good idea if your team will be in the running this season. Barring freak injuries or suspensions, your roster will remain the same as you just tinker with it to make it as strong as possible.

Each week new options are popping up and strengthening your bench for the future is most certainly a priority you should be focusing on.

To help you do so, here are some waiver wire options that you might want to take a look at before your league counterparts can beat you to the punch.

Each and every year there are a few guys that lay around on the waiver wire for a few weeks before exploding onto the scene and becoming fantasy legends like Ryan Grant from a year ago.

It's important you keep evaluating your talent each week and don't be afraid to drop someone on your roster that has been getting by on name recognition alone.

Brad Johnson Cowobys, QB - The Golden Boy down in Big D will be missing the next four weeks with a broken finger, giving this old man one more chance to shine.

Brad Johnson is certainly not a mobile quarterback and really doesn't have too much athleticism in general. But he's been through the wars, won a Super Bowl and is the definition of a crafty veteran.

He spent time with Randy Moss up in Minnesota and knows what it takes to keep a guy like T.O. healthy.

Matt Ryan Falcons, QB - Watching him absolutely torch a depleted Bears secondary was enough for me to proclaim this kid is ready for the NFL.

He's poised, accurate and fearless in the pocket, stepping up to make some very big throws with the pressure in his face. With a star in the making WR in Roddy White, Ryan could be in for a very nice second half of the season.

Dominic Rhodes Colts, RB - In one game the Colts lost starting running back Joseph Addai and rookie third stringer, Mike Hart. This left Rhodes to shoulder the load and he filled in admirably.

Addai's injury isn't nearly as serious as Hart's is, but you have to expect the hamstring will bother him for at least the next week or two.

Rhodes knows the Indy system and can thrive in it. He might only be fantasy relevant for the next week or two, but there's nothing wrong with trying to strike while the iron is hot.

Warrick Dunn Bucs, RB - A member of the RBBC down in Tampa, Dunn has defied logic and managed to produce regardless of how many touches he receives.

Coach Jon Gruden isn't earning too many points with fantasy owners with the split carries, but they're winning and aren't likely to discontinue this strategy anytime soon.

But in deeper leagues, Dunn could be a nice pick.

Kevin Walter Texans, WR - Well, now that Matt Schaub is finally awake, healthy and ready to start playing in 2008, Walter should most certainly be on your radar.

Whether you realize it or not, this Texans team has the potential to be a very high octane offense and it's been on full display the past two weeks.

And Walter has benefited tremendously, earning his fair share of looks and making the most of them.

Steve Smith Giants, WR - He caught nine balls last night for 94 yds and was a focal point of Eli Manning's throughout he contest.

It's taken some time to get Smith going, but after catching seven passes against the Bengals in Week 3, he's finally getting into the rhythm of this offense. Manning trusts him and could eventually become a younger, better version of Amani Toomer.

Donte' Stallworth Browns, WR - The Browns of 2007 made a surprise appearance last night against the Giants and if this kind of resurgence continues, Stallworth will officially land back on the map of fantasy existence.

With Browns TE Kellen Winslow out with an undisclosed injury, Stallworth will start seeing more looks in an offense that has potential to light up the scoreboard every single weekend.

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Are any of the guys you listed good enough to replace anyone in my lineup?
RB - Ryan Grant, Thomas Jones, Le'Ron McClain
WR - Steve Breaston, Devin Hester, Santonio Holmes, Lance Moore
I know Breaston and Moore have only been hot lately because their team's #1 or #2 receiver is out with an injury.

And if you can recommend another player out of the ones I listed to drop, please let me know as I only have one QB and am thinking of picking up Matt Ryan or Brad Johnson as a backup. I don't have to worry about not having enough players at each position as I also have Chris Johnson at RB (not giving him up) and TJ Houshmanzadeh (undroppable).

Olsen responds Honestly, this is a pretty tough call. I think you'd be okay getting rid of either Breaston or Moore. But I'm not so sure I would do it to pick up a guy like Kevin Walter.

Instead, I'd drop one of them to pick up Brad Johnson if you're worried about your QB position.

Dallas just traded for WR Roy Williams and now boast one of the best 1-2 combinations at that position in the NFL. Brad Johnson may not be mobile and may not be able to avoid the rush, but if you give him any amount of time he can pick apart any defense.

And with those two guys plus Jason Witten, I like Johnson's chances in the very near future, starting this weekend against the St. Louis Rams.

What about playing Dominic Rhodes over Ryan Grant this week? Decent play, or no?

Olsen responds: I'd advise against it actually.

Addai's injury doesn't sound serious enough to keep him out of the game, but won't allow him to play the entire game. That leaves this situation too cloudy to predict and at best would turn into a 50/50 timeshare against the Pack.

Going with Grant allows you to have a back that will certainly receive the lion's share of the carries at home against a Colts defense that is still susceptible to the run. While last week's performance was impressive, remember this Colts defense was going up against a clueless rookie quarterback and a weak ground game.

The Packers are a completely different look, especially in Lambeau, and I think Grant will pick up at least one score.

What do i do this weekend this week. My league allows one running back, two wide receivers, and one running back/ wide receiver. Who should i start?

RBs: Marion Barber, Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson

WRs:Santana Moss, Steve Smith, or Bernard Berrian

Ricky responds: Peterson is the best back of the three, but the Bears are tenacious against the run. I think Forte will be good on Sunday, but Marion Barber should be better. The Boys are going against the Rams (who are terrible) and Romo is either out or playing hurt, which means Barber could get lots of carries. I'd start Steve Smith against a shaky pass D in New Orleans as well. But Forte as your flex.

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