The best and worst of week six

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The Best


Tony Romo- 321 yards, 3 touchdowns

Dallas found itself in a shootout yesterday with Arizona, which is all Romo owners can ask for. In a week where four quarterbacks threw three touchdowns and no interceptions, Romo netted the most yards.

Drew Brees- 320 yards, 3 touchdowns

Nnamdi Asomugha and Dante Hall may make up one of the NFL's most expensive sets of cornerbacks, but they had no chance to slow down Brees on Sunday. In a post-Tom Brady world, is Brees the best fantasy quarterback in the NFL?

Running backs

Clinton Portis- 129 yards, 2 touchdowns

If fantasy leagues redrafted one-third of the way through the season, Portis would be among the tops picks. He continued his dominance yesterday, even as the 'Skins lost to the Rams. Through six games, Portis has rushed for 643 yards and six touchdowns.

Maurice Jones-Drew- 125 yards, 2 touchdowns

MJD may be the biggest tease in fantasy sports. Don't believe us? The Jags have played six games this year. In four of those games, Jones-Drew has rushed for a total of 69 yards. In the other two games, he's rushed for 232 yards.

Wide receivers

Andre Johnson- 10 recs, 178 yards, 1 touchdown

Andre Johnson might be the rest receiver in the NFL. Too bad he's stuck in Houston. Even so, Johnson is still a top flight fantasy receiver, who now appears to be on a roll. The last two games he's caught 19 passes for 309 yards and two touchdowns.

Reggie Wayne- 8 recs, 118 yards, 1 touchdown

With Peyton Manning appearing more healthy every game, Wayne has taken his rightful spot among fantasy football's most productive receivers. The last two games he's combined to catch 15 passes for 209 yards and two touchdowns.

The Worst

Michael Turner- 54 yards

Things didn't end well for the Bears on Sunday, but at least they were able to shut down Turner, one of the league's most productive runners.

J.T. O'Sullivan- 199 yards, 2 INT

Peyton Manning's weekend stats: 3 TD, 0 INT. Trust Matt, people. He's good with this stuff.

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