Start or Sit - Week 6

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Welcome to Week 6 of the fantasy football season.

Today we'll give you the names of some players we think you should start, and those who you should sit.

Like I tell you every week, you probably won't find your stud players on this list. Guys like Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees and LaDanian Tomlinson should always be started, regardless of who they're playing so it's a waste of time to even mention them.

If you have any questions about your lineup, send me an email at

and between Ricky and myself, we'll do the best we can to help you out.

Otherwise, good luck this weekend.


Must starts: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning , Tony Romo, Drew Brees


Jason Campbell - Redskins vs. Rams - Who don't you start against the Rams?

Campbell has silenced many of the critics since his Week 1 egg and is becoming a dependable fantasy option. That trend will continue this week as he slices and dices the pitiful Rams defensive unit.

Gus Frerrote - Vikings vs. Lions - He's looked steady under center for the Vikings and has a great matchup against the lowly Lions in Week 6.

Frerrote has been making use of free agent acquisition Bernard Berrian to make teams pay for stacking the box in an effort to stop Adrian Peterson.

If you're in a pinch because of the bye week, Frerrote could deliver.

Kyle Orton - Bears vs. Falcons - I know Ricky told you yesterday that we weren't going to recommend starting Orton this week, but I've had a change of heart.

The K.O. Kid has been impressive these past two weeks and this matchup is just too tempting to ignore.

Kurt Warner - Cardinals vs. Cowboys - The defense down in 'Big D' is a very overrated unit and I think the ol' man here is going to air it our early and often this weekend.

Injured wide receiver Anquan Boldin is going to be missing this weekend, but his replacement Steve Breaston has filled in admirably.


David Garrard - Jags vs. Broncos - It's unfortunate that he's struggled this year because of the promise and poise he showed a year ago.

He's still a very effective game manager and can come up with those third and eight conversions late in ball games.

However, that doesn't get you points in fantasy football and for this Jags team to win against the Broncos, they're going to run, run, run the football.

J.T. O'Sullivan - 49ers vs. Eagles - This Eagles team is coming off of two disappointing losses and their defense is none to happy about it. Expect defensive coordinator Jim Johnson to throw everything but the kitchen sink at O'Sullivan and watch him run for his life.

Derek Anderson - Browns vs. Giants - He hasn't looked like the D. Anderson circa 2007 one time this season and this matchup against the G-Men doesn't seem like the time for him to find it again.

Until he posts back to back good games, I'm avoiding him like the plague.

Running Backs

Must starts: LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson (Min), Joseph Addai, Brian Westbrook, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore


Matt Forte - Bears vs. Falcons - One more week of this and he's going to end up on the must start list.

This kid is that good.

Steve Slaton - Texans vs. Dolphins - See Matt Forte.

Ronnie Brown - Dolphins vs. Texans - This Wildcat phenomenon may be the single coolest addition to the NFL since the forward pass!

Alright, maybe I wouldn't go that far, but it's a style only a crazy man would try and it's paying big dividends for the Dolphins and Ronnie Brown owners. Keep riding this wave until the league catches up and figures out how to stop it.

Ryan Grant - Packers vs. Seahawks - He finally showed flashes of his former self last week against the Falcons. Grant's hamstring is starting to fully heal and it's only a matter of time before he delivers with a huge fantasy performance.

It might just be that time friends.


Joseph Addai - Colts vs. Ravens - Going up against the NFL's number one run defense isn't going to help Addai end his streak of games with less than 100 yds rushing.

The Colts running game has suffered all year and this week will only make it worse.

Jamal Lewis - Browns vs. Giants - This Browns team is an absolute mess. No faith in anyone on their roster right now.

Maurice Jones-Drew - Jaguars vs. Broncos - I think my dislike for MJD is pretty well documented on this site, so I won't go into much detail here.

If you throw out Week 3 and MJD's 19 carries, he's barely touched the ball.
Week 1: 5 carries
Week 2: 7 carries
Week 4: 7 carries
Week 5: 5 carries

Does that sound like a number one back, or for that matter, a reliable starter at any position?

Wide Receivers

Must starts: Randy Moss, Terrel Owens, Braylon Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, Plaxico Burress, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall


Vincent Jackson - Chargers vs. Patriots - With Chris Chambers out this weekend with an injury, the onus will fall upon Jackson to shoulder the load.

Add an injured LaDanian Tomlinson to the equation and you'll get a Phillip Rivers looking for Jackson early and often to get the chains moving and in the red zone.

Bobby Engram - Seahawks vs. Packers - The only healthy receiver in the Seattle area made his return last week again the Giants, only to watch the 'Hawks get absolutely demolished.

But Engram did snag eight balls for 61 yards in the blowout and looked healthy in his routes. He's only going to go up from here.

Steve Smith - Panthers vs. Bucs - When Smith and Jake Delhomme are on the same page, playing at a high level I'm not sure there's a more explosive connection in football.

Sure you could argue Romo to T.O., Manning to Wayne, Brady to Moss (when healthy).

But Smith is such a unique talent unlike anyone else in the game. He's back in a big way and is becoming a must start every week.


Marvin Harrison - Colts vs. Ravens - He's been struggling to create space between himself and defenders all season. Playing against the Ravens this week won't help and Harrison will once again be a disappointment.

Antonio Bryant - Bucs vs. Panthers - Jeff Garcia looks as if he'll be making the start of the Bucs this weekend, making anyone receiver on this team outside of Joey Galloway a risky play.

Not because Garcia is bad, but because he hasn't played in a couple weeks and will need some time to reestablish a connection with his receiving corps.

Isaac Bruce - 49ers vs. Patriots - I was wrong about him last week.

That won't happen again.

Tight Ends

Must starts: Antonio Gates, Chris Cooley, Kellen Winslow Jr., Jason Witten


Greg Olsen - Bears vs. Falcons - They figured out how to use him in this offense and he's regained Orton's trust after his two fumble performance earlier in the season.

This guy has the potential to be a fantasy beast.


L.J. Smith - Eagles vs. 49ers - Always seems to be injured and never seems to come up with the catches when called upon.

Sit him.

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Who should I start @ my flex position? Welker or Driver?
I'm going to start: Jennings & Berrian @ (WR).
Also: Addai & Thomas Jones @ (RB)
I have a flex position @(WR/RB):
Other Options on the Bench: Fargas, Michael Bush, Pittman & Hilliard.

should i start wes welker or devin hester this week AND which one of the two should i start next week?? thanks alot

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