Fantasy Mailbag: Curse the Bye Weeks

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Welcome to the Fantasy Factor's weekly mailbag.

Each week we'll field your questions regarding lineups, trades, start or sit, waiver wire and everything else you could possibly come up with that has to do with fantasy football.

If you'd like to submit a question, shoot us an email at and we'll do our best to get back to you even if it doesn't make it onto the site as apart of the column.

And now, onto the questions.

Hi Matt,

Two of my receivers are on a bye this week so I need to pick someone up - I've already got Muhsin Muhammed and Devery Henderson and the following WR's are available:

Steve Breaston vs. CAR
Antonio Bryant vs DAL
Chansi Stuckey vs KC
Donnie Avery vs NE
Josh Reed vs MIA
Kevin Walter vs CIN

Do I play Henderson vs SD? Who do you think I should pick up?

Question about RB's too - I picked up Mewelde Moore last week and he got me lots of points. I've also got Willie Parker. Is he expected back this week? That will help me decide who to start!

Thanks Matt!

Olsen responds: First things first, let's just rule out the players that you shouldn't even consider based upon who's available.

First, let's throw out Josh Reed and Chansi Stuckey. Both have been way too inconsistent this season to merit a spot on your roster. Granted they both have enticing matchups this weekend, but I think you'll fare better with one of these other options.

I think you'll have to play Henderson simply because of the predicament the Saints find themselves in without Reggie Bush in their lineup. Without that threat in the backfield and in the open field, QB Drew Brees will be forced to air it out all day in front of a sold out Wembley Stadium in London.

The rookie wonder Donnie Avery has been turning some heads with his play as of late. But the Rams are still the Rams and against a veteran defense in New England I'm not liking his chances.

Breaston is a no go simply because Anquan Boldin will be making his return to the lineup, thus decreasing Breaston's chances to put up points for you.

Bottom line is that I think you should pick up Bryant. One of the fundamental principles I go by in making decisions like this is his role in the offense. I'll take a number one receiver on a team over someone else's number two simply because of the number of looks he'll be receiving each week.

Bryant is the unquestioned number one on this Bucs team, even if burner Joey Galloway makes his much anticipated return to the lineup.

Go with Bryant.

As for your running back situation, it looks like Parker is going miss the game on Sunday, making Moore an instant candidate to start. However, temper your expectations because the Steelers are going up against a very tough defense in the form of the G-Men.

Thanks for writing in Janelle.

I have Orton on bye this week and need to pick one of the 3 who are all still available (I had both brady and palmer :-( )

JT O, Garcia, or Bulger

J. James

Olsen responds: Trust me J, I feel your pain.

I too have Brady on my primary team and if it weren't for grabbing Aaron Rogers off the waiver wire as quickly as I did, my season would be going a whole lot worse.

Anyways, on to your question.

Throw out Bulger immediately. The Rams past two victories have primarily been a byproduct of a dominant Steven Jackson and not Bulger.

From there things get much more interesting. And by interesting I mean difficult.

Jeff Garcia is clearly the more competent and consistent of the two. But the Bucs offense is more of the ground and pound variety than it is an aerial assault. The Cowboys secondary may be ripe for the picking, but I'm not sure Gruden will let Garcia attack it as much as we'd like him to.

O'Sullivan has already faced the Seahawks defense this season and ripped them apart to the tune of 321 yds and a TD. There's a new coach in town and the 49ers could come out playing inspired football and earn a win for the man known simply as 'Samurai'.

The safe play here is Garcia. The tempting play is O'Sullivan.

Your call depending on your situation.

Let us know which way you went.

Good luck to everyone this weekend.

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With Reggie Bush out, would it be a good move to pick up Lance Moore to start this week? I picked up Kevin Walter but I keep looking at Josh Morgan, Donnie Avery and Malcolm Floyd as well.
Ricky responds: Moore seems like a good option. You know the Saints are going to throw the ball.

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