Waiver Wire Pickups

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Here are some waiver wire options that you might want to take a look at before your league counterparts can beat you to the punch.

Each and every year there are a few guys that lay around on the waiver wire for a few weeks before exploding onto the scene and becoming fantasy legends like Ryan Grant from a year ago.

It's important you keep evaluating your talent each week and don't be afraid to drop someone on your roster that has been getting by on name recognition alone.

To those of you who are counting on big games from your players tonight to either seal the deal or play catch-up, good luck. It should be a good one.

J.T. O'Sullivan, 49ers QB - Sullivan had his second impressive start in a row Sunday against the Seahawks and looks to have a good feel for offensive coordinator Mike Martz' system. With Detroit looming next week, O'Sullivan could be a great spot starter for your team or even a good backup to have for a bye week.

Brandon Jackson, Packers RB - All of you Ryan Grant owners out there take notice: that hamstring problem probably won't go away this year. It's one of those injuries that just lingers throughout the season and won't heal until the season ends. Jackson picked up the slack this week (7 carries, 61 yds, TD) and could end up making some mid to late season starts if Grant can't go.

Isaac Bruce, 49ers WR - After failing to make a catch in the season's opener against Arizona, Bruce looked like his old self against the Seahawks with 153 yds receiving. He might be a nice pickup in deeper leagues if you're in need of a wideout.

Darren Sproles, Chargers RB - This kid is simply electric. With LaDanian Tomlinson in and out with a toe injury, Sproles stepped in and made a few jaw dropping plays. He finished with seven carries for 53 yds, and two catches for 72 yds. And one of those catches just happened to be a 62-yard touchdown.

If I'm a Tomlinson owner out there I'm picking this kid up immediately.

Kerry Collins, Titans QB - Despite playing in 50+ mph winds Sunday, Collins managed to go 14-for-21 for 128 and a TD against the Bengals. He looked sharp in relief of Vince Young and the Titans actually looked like a team with a passing game.

The Texans come a calling next Sunday and Collins should do even better.

Michael Bush, Raiders RB - Depending out how bad Justin Fargas' groin injury turns out to be, Bush could assume his role in the RBBC situation in Oakland. Coach-for-now Lane Kiffin game him 16 carries and he made the most of them, running for 90 yds and a TD.

Trent Edwards, Bills QB - Back to back solid outings are starting make the people in Buffalo think big things for 2008. He has yet to throw a pick and has gone for over 200 yds and a TD in both weeks. If you didn't like what you saw from Matt Cassel, Edwards might not be a bad option.

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Quick WW question:

PPR league...Flex spot..5 bucks a pickup...

My 4 RB's are Westy, Graham, Lynch and DeAngelo.

I'm thinking about dropping Deangelo for Hightower or Brandon Jackson.

And what about Housh? AGonzalez, Moose, Kevin Walter are out there but that's about it

Lateral moves or should I do it? Here's the rest of my roster:

Brees and McNabb
Housh, Calvin Johnson, Hines Ward, Bowe, Royal

Olsen responds: I wouldn't give up on Housh just yet. Granted, Cincy has been nothing short of hot garbage these first two weeks, but I can't see Housh and Palmer continuing this trend all season. They'll have some very good games and in a PPR league, Housh can be a dynamo.

I'm a big believer in stacking running backs, however, I'm not sure if Jackson or Hightower are tempting enough to drop Williams for.

The only player I might consider would be Gonzalez. It's obvious that Manning has found a comfort level with him and his 13 catches in two games illustrates that point to a PPR player quite effectively.

It's not a move that I think you must make, but if you were to do something, that's where I'd go.

Im back once again but with a whole new question.
I picked up Eddie Royal before one of my buddys and he wants him bad. He offered Plax for him. Good deal or keep Royal?

Olsen responds: Chris take that deal and take it now.

Royal is a pretty nifty little wide receiver, but Plaxico is a Pro Bowl caliber athlete and is the unquestioned number one on a very good Giants team.


I'm in a bind. My starting QB is Palmer. I have Delhomme and Cassel on my bench but I'm thinking of dropping one of them for either J.Campbell or O'Sullivan? Right move? I also own Fargas, should I drop him and pick up Santana Moss of waivers? Pittman,Sproiles, M.Bush still available...

We start QB,2RB,2WR,TE,RB/WR,K,DEF

My sqaud:
Lynch,Gore,Slaton,Ronnie Brown,Fargas

Olsen responds: At first glances I didn't think this was going to be a very difficult question to answer for you.

However, after looking at it more carefully, I sat here for nearly an hour before I came up with an answer for you.

I'm not sure if you left off a wide receiver or not, but if you didn't, I'm going to assume the majority of the time you prefer to start three RB because of the flex spot. Which is completely fine, but just know that's what I'm assuming here.

I like your wide receivers a lot and I think they'll get even better now that Smith is back, so I don't necessarily think you need much help there.

Now onto your quarterback situation.

The Panthers have started this young season 2-0 without the services of their Pro Bowl receiver Steve Smith, who also happens to be on your team. Delhomme is a crafty vet whose arm appears to be even stronger than it was before he went under the knife for Tommy John surgery. I think you're going to see more of the 2004 Delhomme now that he's healthy and your boy Smith is going to be the main benefactor of it.

Cassel, to me, is a project with what our guy Ricky would describe as 'Tremendous Upside Potential'. It's really not so much about what people see in him and more about what's around him. Randy Moss, Wes Welker and a stable of eight capable running backs should make even the most mediocre quarterback look good.

I'd hang on to either one of these two and forgo trying to pick up Cambell or O'Sullivan.

Campbell only had three multi-TD games in 2007 and is going to be very up and down this year with Jim Zorn's new offensive scheme in place.

O'Sullivan is starting off hot, but again, I haven't seen enough of this kid to justify you dropping either Cassel or Delhomme for him. In weeks 5, 6, and 7, he'll have to face New England, Philadelphia and the Giants in that order. If he looks good after that and is still on your wire, that's when I'd take him.

But what I would consider is picking up Sproles or Pittman.

To be completely honest with your Mark, outside of your two starting backs, you're pretty thin at this position. Slaton might turn out to be decent, but nobody knows until he gets a start and a matchup against the Titans this weekend isn't too encouraging.

And the Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown show in Miami has been nothing short of a train wreck so far and I'm not sure it'll ever be figured out.

So I do think you could use a little help at that position and Sproles or Pittman could help you out.

Sproles has the chance to be the homerun pickup of the year if L.T.'s big toe lingers the entire season. While Pittman is the TD vulture on an explosive offense in Denver, giving him plenty of goal line opportunities.

The smart play is to drop Cassel, keep two veteran quarterbacks on your team (Palmer, Delhomme) and snag one of these backs. If you're a believer in Cassel, then just drop Delhomme instead.

Good luck.

Great site, I found it on Google searching for 'WW pickups' - love the dialog.

Question for you. I am stacked at RB, but LT is a question. Do I wait and play him, or sub someone in? Start two:

Matt 'no timeshare' Forte
Michael 'the burner' Turner
Brandon 'timeshare' Jacobs
L 'my toe hurts' T

Right now I have Forte/Turner slotted. Also have Jonathon Stewart, Michael Bush, Darren Sproles on the pine.

10-team league, 1/20 rushing, 1/10 receiving, 1 ppr, .2 per rush attempt.


Olsen responds: First of all, let me just say wow.

That is a ridiculous stable of running backs you've got there. It's almost like having to choose between steak and lobster every night.

The one lock here is Turner. I don't think I need to go into how favorable his matchup is and whatnot, so I'll spare you the time. Start him, he will produce.

Your second slot is definitely a jump ball between Forte, Jacobs and LT...never thought in a million years I'd say that and I'm sure none of you ever thought you'd be nodding your heads in agreement.

The Bengals are brutal and have been perhaps the most run friendly team in the NFL, giving up over 200 yds a game the first two weeks. That bodes well for Jacobs as long as the other two (Bradshaw and Ward) don't steal the touches from him. The G-Men were up early against the Rams and still managed to give Jacobs 15 carries.

You know the deal with LT. If that injury is anything remotely close to what teammate Antonio Gates has been dealing with the past couple seasons, LT scares the living daylights out of me. He said it prohibited him from making the cuts he's built his career upon and you have to remember something about that game last week in relation to him sitting out.

It's not like that was a throw away, garbage time game where the Chargers could afford to not have their best player on the field. This was a division matchup the Chargers needed to win to avoid going 0-2 and Tomlinson wasn't anywhere near the field. To me that speaks volumes as to the amount of pain he’s in.

And as far as Forte is concerned, you know what you’re going to get: A guy who’s going to tote the rock twenty, twenty five times and end up somewhere around 90-100 yds with the possibility of a touchdown. You may read that and think I’m implying that this is a bad thing, but it’s more of a testament to his consistency than anything.

So after 350 words, what am I trying to tell you?

I rarely ever try to tell people what to do, but instead help them make their own informed decisions. It’s your team and if you don’t go with your gut you’ll usually hate yourself for it later.

I’d start Forte to play it safe, as long as you remember he is facing a very good run defense and that may hinder his overall production.

And I’d start Jacobs if you wanted to go for the guy with the higher probability of having a semi-monster game based upon his matchup.

No matter what you choose, make sure you stop by again, we appreciate it.

Thanks for the reply, I will most certainly be sticking around. For what it's worth, this is my roster. I wanted to post it so you can see what I have, and so I can explain why my RB corps is so heavy:


I got the Bears off the waivers right after the draft and went RB heavy with some rookies hoping to land an ace or two (turns out to be Forte and Stewart) - and now with those rookie studs, if needed, I could trade out for a Tier II WR if needed later on. I picked up Sproles for obvious reasons and was able to dump Fargas to get Michael Bush - with McFaddens possible injury, MBush could turn into gold.

I will likely go with Jacobs and Turner. CIN has the potential to run with NYG, so they might run more and keep Jacobs pounding the ball. At this point, LT is too risky for me.

Thanks again!

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