The best and worst of week three

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The best


Drew Brees- 421 yards, 1 TD

While we like our top quarterback of the week to throw multiple touchdowns, it's impossible to ignore the sheer number of yards Brees put up against an undefeated Broncos team. Just imagine what the Saints offense will do once their best receiver, Marques Colston, returns.

Eli Manning- 289 yards, 1 TD

I'll be the first to admit I thought Eli Manning's playoff performance was a fluke. So much for that. The Giants remained undefeated with fourth quarter comeback over the Bengals Sunday, and Manning continued his stellar play. There is no reason to believe he won't be one of the top fantasy quarterbacks all season.

Running backs

Ronnie Brown- 113 yards, 5 TD

Yeah. That happened. But as our man Behrens reported, Brown was only started in 25% of fantasy leagues. If you started him, congrats, you are smarter than everyone else.

Michael Turner- 104 yards, 3 TD

Where would my fantasy team be without The Burner? Considering my first pick was Tom Brady, things likely wouldn't be going too well for me right now without Turner's sizeable contributions. I think it has reached the point now that Turner is a must start every week.


Brandon Marshall- 155 yards, 1 TD

Marshall was fantastic last season, catching over 100 passes, but he could be in for an even better year in 2008. Since Marshall returned from his one game suspension, Cutler has looked for him way constantly, and it's paid off for unbeaten Denver so far.

TJ Houshmandzadeh- 146 yards, 1 TD

Fantasy owners would like to the thank TJ for finally remembering he's good at football. The Bengals lost on Sunday, but their offense was clicking on all cylinders. That's all we really care about here. Now if Palmer could just spread the love to Chad Johnson...

The worst

WR Chad Johnson- 29 yards

Carson Palmer throws for nearly 300 yards, and Ocho Cinco can only get 29 of them for himself? Maybe Cinci should have traded him this offseason

WR Andre Johnson- 29 yards

Liberate Andre Johnson! He's is too precious a commodity to have Matt Schaub throwing to him.

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I started Patten and sat Housh this week. BAD MOVE!

Ricky responds: Hey, it happens. In your defense, TJ was garbage before yesterday. And maybe Patten is more valuable now that Jeremy Shockey is hurt.

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