The Best and Worst of Week 1

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That may have been the most bizarre opening weekend of fantasy football action I have ever been witness to. New names in new places produced like nobody could have expected while the same faces in the same places were complete busts.

Here's a look at the best and worst of this weekend's action:

The Boom


Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles
21-for-33, 361 yds, 3 TD

McNabb and the Eagles simply dominated this contest from start to finish. Three different receivers eclipsed the 100-yard mark and McNabb lit up the scoreboard like we remember him doing back when you-know-who was playing with the Eagles.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
23-for-32, 343 yds, 3 TD, INT

Just a glimpse into how powerful this Saints offense is going to be this year. This isn't an exception, this is the norm for Brees in 2008.

Running Backs

Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons
22 carries, 220 yds, 2 TD

The Burner absolutely shredded the Lions defense to the tune of 10 yards a carry on his way to the setting the Falcons single game rushing record. Don't sleep on this kid.

Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers
25 carries, 138 yds, 3 TD

The 138 yards isn't surprising because Parker has always been a yardage monster. But the three touchdowns came out of nowhere and those of you who saw 'Fast Willie' fall to you in the draft haven't stopped smiling since.

Wide Receivers
Randy Moss, New England Patriots
6 catches, 116 yds, TD

The only bright spot for the Patriots. How will this affect Moss' overall fantasy value?

Andre Johnson, Houston Texans
10 catches, 112 yds

The only thing Houston had going right Sunday was the Matt Schaub to Johnson combination. Other than that it was a bloodbath in Pittsburgh.

The Bust


Carson Palmer, Cincinnati Bengals
10-for-25, 99 yds, INT

What has happened to that once vaulted Bengals offense? Palmer and the rest of this team looked absolutely horrendous and with the stout Titans defense coming to town next week I'd be very worried.

Derek Anderson, Cleveland Browns
11-for-24, 114 yds, TD

With all the preseason hype, like I a lot of people I was interested to see how Anderson and the Browns would start the 2008 season against the star-studded Cowboys.

And they bombed, in a big way.

Anderson looked rushed, out of sync and just generally pedestrian all game.

Running Backs

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown, Miami Dolphins
Combined stats from Sunday: 16 carries, 47 yds

The Dolphins backfield was an interesting proposition before the season even started with both Williams and Brown being taken pretty early on in most drafts.

And now it looks like neither of them was even worth all the debate.

Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts
12 carries, 44 yds

The Bears absolutely dominated the Colts front line, leaving Addai little or no room to work with. You still expect more from your top five pick and those of you who were expecting him to close the gap before the game started last night were severely disappointed. Let's just hope that injury he suffered late in the second half wasn't as bad as it looked.

Wide Receiver

Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints
3 catches, 26 yds

Somehow he was left out of the scoring parade in New Orleans this weekend. Don't worry though; Colston is going to be a stud this year.

Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns
2 catches, 14 yds

Certainly not what you're looking for out of your number one wide receiver. The Browns looked horrendous against Dallas and Edwards never really looked like he was on the same page with Anderson.

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