Surviving Colston

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Sure, Marques Colston never threw 50 touchdown passes or registered 16 sacks in 12 games like some of this week's other banged up superstars, but that doesn't mean your fantasy team is going to have an easy time replacing him. Colston was a unanimous top ten receiver heading into drafts, and if he's on your team, you likely bet on him to replicate the numbers- 98 catches, 1,202 yards, 11 TD- he put up last year. Now that he'll miss the next four to six weeks, how do you replace him?

The simple answer, of course, is you can't. Practically any team Colston is on was banking on him to be their top receiver. The guys you'll find on the waiver wire aren't going to provide you with that type of production.

But don't panic yet. It's not a season ending injury, and when Colston returns, you know it won't take long for Drew Brees to find him. In the meantime, check out some other options the Saints offer.

Robert Meachem is owned in only a third of Yahoo! fantasy leagues. He was New Orleans' first round draft pick last season, and he impressed in the preseason. He has enough speed to break big plays. If your league gives points for receptions, don't rule out David Patten. He'll likely be on the receiving end of the majority of Brees' short route passes over the next month.

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