Start or Sit - Week 4

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Welcome to Week 4 of the fantasy football season.

Today we'll give you the names of some players we think you should start, and those who you should sit.

Like I tell you every week, you probably won't find your stud players on this list. Guys like Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees and LaDanian Tomlinson should always be started, regardless of who they're playing so it's a waste of time to even mention them.

If you have any questions about your lineup, send me an email at

and between Ricky and myself, we'll do the best we can to help you out.

Otherwise, good luck this weekend.


Must starts: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning (bye), Tony Romo, Drew Brees


J.T. O'Sullivan - 49ers vs. Saints - O'Sullivan led off this list last week and makes a return appearance thanks in large part to who the 49ers are playing against.

A multiple touchdown day is definitely in the cards.

Carson Palmer - Bengals vs. Browns - He looked much improved last week, actually tossing his first TD pass of the season.

The Ohio showdown should result in Palmer's best performance of this young season, making that early draft pick somewhat defensible to your fellow fantasy GM's.

Jay Cutler - Broncos vs. Chiefs - For some reason last week, one of my readers was quite incensed that I didn't include Cutler on my 'Start or Sit' list.

My reasoning behind not including Cutler is that I believe you're going to start him regardless of what I say. It's common sense.

But I do aim to please and so this week, Cutler makes it onto the list. He should shred this weak Chiefs defense and will definitely end up with nearly 280 yds and possibly 3 TD.

Jake Delhomme - Panthers vs. Falcons - While being reunited with stud wide receiver Steve Smith helped last week, the Vikings relentless pass rush did not.

Delhomme was sacked six times and the ground game was stuck in neutral all day.

But the Falcons are the cure to what ails them.


Matt Schaub - Texans vs. Jaguars - Remember how Schaub was supposedly the best kept secret in football, sitting on the bench behind Michael Vick?

A lot of people expected big things from this young man and in his second year as a starter, Schaub has regressed and may actually lose his job if he doesn't do well this Sunday.

Trent Green - Rams vs. Bills - I know it's a bye week and you may just need a replacement.

But don't do this. There are better options out there.

Brian Griese - Bucs vs. Packers - There is no way on this earth Gruden is going to have Griese drop back 67 times again like he did against the Bears in Week 3.

Running Backs

Must starts: LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson (Min), Joseph Addai (bye), Brian Westbrook, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore


Jonathan Stewart - Panthers vs. Falcons - Head coach John Fox should realize by now that Stewart should be the starting back and the same goes for you.

The Falcons are giving up an average of 139 yds on the ground per game and have allowed rushing 4 TD this season.

Time for Stewart to shine.

Chris Perry - Bengals vs. Browns - Guess who's tied for allowing the most rushing touchdowns this year?

You guessed it, the Cleveland Browns.

Perry's average of three yards per carry isn't much to look at. But he has scored a touchdown in consecutive weeks and should continue that trend against the Browns.

Rashard Mendenhall - Steelers vs. Ravens - Of all the picks on this list, including Mendenhall is the one I'm most concerned with.

He's the starting running back this week thanks to Fast Willie Parker's bum knee. The downside is that he's facing the Ravens; a defense that's giving up only 70 yds per game on the ground.

But to me, the numbers on this Ravens rushing defense are misleading.

The Browns' Jamal Lewis started gashing the Ravens run D throughout the first three quarters of their Week 3 matchup. Unfortunately the Browns had to stop running and start throwing as they tried to play catchup.

Mendenhall will definitely get his chance to shine and has everything he needs to succeed.


Larry Johnson - Chiefs vs. Broncos - LJ finally got it rolling against the Falcons last week, picking up 121 yds and scoring his first touchdown.

Unfortunately LJ will come back down to earth this week. The Chiefs are going up against the highest scoring team in football and their attempts to impose their grind it out game against the Broncos will end in futility.

Expect more complaints from him in the locker room after the game.

Matt Forte - Bears vs. Ealges - This kid has been outstanding through the first three weeks of the season and is the only reason this Bears team has been competitive.

That being said, Forte will be lining up across from the NFL's best run defense in the Eagles. They know Forte is the only weapon the Bears have and Eagles defensive coordinator/mad scientist Jim Johnson will come up with some crazy scheme to stop him.

Ryan Grant - Packers vs. Bucs - He may finally be healthy, but I'd still wait one more week before trusting him as your starter. Wait until next week when the Falcons head up to Lambeau Field.

Wide Receivers

Must starts: Randy Moss, Terrel Owens, Braylon Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne (bye), Plaxico Burress (bye/suspension), Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall


Braylon Edwards - Browns vs. Bengals - He's been removed from the must start list after being arguably the most disappointing player in fantasy football through these first three weeks.

But he's on the start list because if he doesn't show up in this game, I'm afraid he won't ever show up in 2008.

Edwards owners, I wish you luck.

Chad ______ - Bengals vs. Browns - This game is all about redemption, featuring two teams desperate to get their once high powered offenses back on track.

It was Houshmandzadeh's turn last week and it'll be Eight Five's turn this time around.

DeSean Jackson - Eagles vs. Bears - It absolutely kills me to say this, but the Bears secondary can certainly be had.

McNabb will find Jackson open in the middle of the field all day and will probably hit him for a deep ball at least once. The rookie movement just keeps on rolling in fantasy this season.


Torry Holt - Rams vs. Bills - I'm really starting to feel bad for Torry Holt.

One of the best players in the game, having the twilight of his career go up in flames because he's stuck on the worst team in the NFL.

Chansi Stuckey - Jets vs. Cardinals - I'm a big believer in the law of averages and Stuckey's trend of scoring a touchdown every game will end this week.
Favre certainly likes this kid, but the Bills aren't sleeping on that fact and will use it to their advantage.

Robert Meachem - Saints vs. 49ers - Take away his 74-yard touchdown catch in Week 3 and Meachem's receiving stats aren't very impressive (31 yds).

He's a boom or bust candidate every week and this week brings a bust.

Tight Ends

Must starts: Antonio Gates, Chris Cooley, Kellen Winslow Jr., Jason Witten


Bo Scaife - Titans vs. Vikings - With that pass rush in his face all day, Kerry Collins will turn to Scaife often on his checkdowns.

Should find the end zone this week.


Jerramy Stevens - Bucs vs. Packers - Still the same guy he was in Seattle and will disappear from week to week.

Consider him David Blaine in Week 4.

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