Fantasy Mailbag: Time to sit Tomlinson?

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Welcome to the Fantasy Factor's weekly mailbag.

Each week we'll field your questions regarding lineups, trades, start or sit, waiver wire and everything else you could possibly come up with that has to do with fantasy football.

If you'd like to submit a question, shoot us an email at and we'll do our best to get back to you even if it doesn't make it onto the site as apart of the column.

And now, onto the questions.

From: Shirley

Question: Okay so I have Ryan Grant and David Garrard on my fantasy team. Garrard did alright when I had him last year. I know that the Jags aren't doing so well because the O-Line is injured. And that Grant is apparently trying to get over the injury he had. Basically, I'm wondering if there's any point in keeping these guys even though they've been extremely unproductive thus far this season. Thank you.

Olsen responds: First and foremost let me just say that I understand your frustrations in this situation.

But let me try to put them at ease by saying Ryan Grant will bounce back after such a dreadful start to this season. You have to remember, we're only two games in and there's plenty of time for Grant to heal and get back to the player he was during the stretch run for the Packers last season.

I'd hold onto him Shirley, he'll produce for you eventually.

Garrard on the other hand I'm not so sure about. And it's not entirely his fault.

Everyone is quick to point out that Garrard has as many interceptions now as he did all of last season. But look at who the Jaguars have played: Titans in week one and Bills in week two.

Those are very tough matchups for a quarterback that has a patchwork offensive line, an inexistent running game and a corps of receivers that rival only the Chicago Bears.

But this week the Jags face off against the Colts - sans Bob Sanders - and Houston after that.

If you can afford the patience, wait and see how he does the next two weeks before doing anything because Garrard might be able to turn this thing around.

But if he's killing you in the present, go after a J.T. O'Sullivan, Trent Edwards or Matt Cassel if they're still on the waiver wire.

Thanks for checking in Shirley, good luck this weekend.

From: Mike in PA

Question: Which two of the following wide receivers should I start? Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, Bryant Johnson.

Olsen responds: The easy choice here is Fitzgerald. He should never be on your bench and is an automatic start in any league format you could come across.

But the second one is a little tougher.

The choice here comes down to either Eddie Royal or DeSean Jackson.

Both of these kids have completely blown away any expectations people had of them coming into the season and have transformed into fantasy gold.

Royal's matchup against the Saints is very enticing and quite possibly could turn into a shoot out.

Jackson's matchup is more deceiving because most think of any game against the Steelers as a ground and pound battle beneficial primarily for running backs.

But that's not the case.

Big Ben loves to throw it as much as anyone and that suits Donovan McNabb and the Eagles offense just fine.

Royal is going to be a very interesting fantasy option from here on out but this week I'd go with Jackson.

He's definitely assumed the number one wide receiver role on this Eagles team and the addition of Reggie Brown will only help his development.

From: Jackson in Schaumburg

Question: Should I bench LaDanian Tomlinson this weekend?

Olsen responds Jackson, you're one of twenty emails I received asking this very same question.

Problem is there's just no easy answer.

Earlier in the week someone asked me about this topic and this is what I had to say:

If that (toe) injury is anything remotely close to what teammate Antonio Gates has been dealing with the past couple seasons, LT scares the living daylights out of me. He said it prohibited him from making the cuts he's built his career upon and you have to remember something about that game last week in relation to him sitting out.

It's not like that was a throw away, garbage time game where the Chargers could afford to not have their best player on the field. This was a division matchup the Chargers needed to win to avoid going 0-2 and Tomlinson wasn't anywhere near the field. To me that speaks volumes as to the amount of pain he's in.

But then again Jackson, he started off real slow in 2007 and still finished amongst the tops in the league.

So in answer to your question, yeah, I think you need to start him unless:

a. You have great running back depth and can afford to wait for L.T. to prove he's healthy.

b. You find out he's not playing.

Good luck this weekend my friend. Hopefully this situation is resolved sooner rather than later.

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Is it worth to have selvin young on my team as the WR/RB slot? In that slot i have desean jackson or eddie royal. Should I drop Young to pick up a backup defense or kicker? and i have been wondering this for a while, Does Mike Shanahan hate all his running backs fantasy owners?

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