Fantasy Mailbag: Favre over Brees?

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Welcome to the Fantasy Factor's weekly mailbag.

Each week we'll field your questions regarding lineups, trades, start or sit, waiver wire and everything else you could possibly come up with that has to do with fantasy football.

If you'd like to submit a question, shoot us an email at and we'll do our best to get back to you even if it doesn't make it onto the site as apart of the column.

And now, onto the questions.

From: Nick

Question: I am not sure which of my remaining 2 receivers I should start this week, I already had Plaxico start:

Braylon Edwards, Browns
Donte Stallworth, Browns
Joey Galloway, Bucs
Bernard Berian, Vikings

Need two more starters? I think it's too risky to start Braylon and Donte considering they are on the same team.

Olsen responds: Nick, you're absolutely right. You cannot start Braylon and Stallworth at the same time even though they're playing the Cowboys in what will most likely turn out to be a high scoring affair.

But you have to start Braylon and that my friend is a no brainer. I'm sure you took him pretty high in your draft and rightfully so. He only scratched the surface of his abilities last season and is only going to get better from here. Edwards is in line for a monster game on Sunday.

So that's two.

Now it comes down to either Joey 'People forget about me because I'm old' Galloway and Bernard 'Turf Toe' Berrian. It's no secret around these parts that I think Berrian will be a valuable fantasy receiver this year, above most pundits' expectations.

That being said, I think you have to go with Galloway.

In the past he's absolutely torched the Saints and the fact that this game is being played inside the Superdome only adds to his appeal. It's a fast track and Galloway's primary asset is speed, making the possibility of Jeff Garcia finding him streaking down the sideline too tempting to refuse.

From: Beau

Question: In my league we're allowed to start two RBs and I'm having a tough time deciding who I should go with this weekend. I already know one of them is going to be Adrian Peterson so trust me I don't need any advice on that.

But for the second RB, I have to choose between Julius Jones, Ronnie Brown and Ray Rice. Who do I go with?

Olsen responds: Surprisingly enough here Beau, I'm going to tell you to start Ray Rice and do it with confidence.

Typically I like to wait until I see how the rookies look the first couple weeks before I start to give them any playing time. However, there are exceptions to every rule and this is one of them.

Mostly because things aren't sounding too good for Ravens starter Willis McGahee, according to the Baltimore Sun:

"While Willis McGahee sounded hopeful about playing against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, the Ravens coaches did not sound as optimistic about the running back's availability.

"Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said McGahee, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee Aug.. 11, could be a game-time decision for the season opener."

Rice will fill in nicely for McGahee and the matchup against the Bengals couldn't be a more perfect way to introduce himself to the NFL.

But even if McGahee suits up on Sunday, I still like Rice over Jones and Brown.

Coach Mike Holmgren has already made it pretty evident that he possesses very little confidence in Jones and will split the carries between him, Maurice Morris and TJ Duckett.

And I still have no idea what to make of that running back situation in Miami between Brown and Ricky Williams. All I'm saying is that something must be going on with Brown if he lost his starting job to a guy that only played for about ten minutes in 2007.

Go with Rice.

From: Gerry in Schaumburg

Question: I used a pretty high pick on Drew Brees this year and I know he's going to be awesome but for some reason I'm worried about this weekend. The Bucs usually have good defense and I'm thinking about benching Brees and going with Brett Favre instead. Am I crazy?

Olsen responds: Yes Gerry, you're crazy.

You draft a guy like Brees so you don't have to worry. The Saints are going to be a fantasy juggernaut this year and I wouldn't bench Brees unless he was on a bye week. And even then I'd have to think twice about it.

Don't over-think it and start Brees.

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I have a couple of questions that I really need help with. Everyone says sit Ryan Grant and Start Ray Rice but I need another opinion.

I need to start 1 more RB
Ray Rice or
Ryan Grant

I also need 1 WR
Lee Evens or
Dawayne Bowe

Ricky responds: I would actually start Grant over Rice. From what I've last heard, McGahee will likely play, so at best, Rice will be splitting carries. McGahee is a lot bigger as well so I would expect him to get the goal line touches. I would probably start Bowe over Evans, because KC will likely be down and throwing a lot against the Pats. Matt can take a shot at this too, if he disagrees.

Olsen responds: Nope, I'm in complete agreement.

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