Can Week Two's stars keep it going?

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As far as fantasy purposes go, few football games are more satisfying than two we saw this weekend. The Broncos and Chargers game may have been marred by controversey, but that doesn't concern us. We just love to see those 77 combined points. Jay Cutler threw three touchdowns, Phillip Rivers thew four. Just for fun, Brandon Marshall even caught the second most passes in NFL history. It was glorious, assuming it was you, and not your opponent, who owned some of those guys. Monday night's Eagles-Cowboys tilt was even better. DeSean Jackson was even nice enough to let Brian Westbrook score a touchdown.

Can Week Three keep it going? Will Aaron Rodgers throw three touchdowns every game? Will Santana Moss remember he's supposed to be allergic to the end zone? Let's take a look at some of the Week Two matchups for this week's fantasy heroes.

Darren McFadden
Week Two: at Buffalo

We mentioned the Wally Pipp-Lou Gehrig thing on Monday, and why not? Sure, Fargas is a good NFL back, a guy who can probably get you 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns. But there's a reason McFadden was the fourth overall this year. He has a chance to be Adrian Peterson type good as a rookie. This week he draws a Buffalo team that one of the NFL's strongest rushing tandems- the Jaguars MJD and Fred Taylor- to 66 yards on 20 carries. Yeah, adding Marcus Stroud makes a big difference. Still, I'll be starting Run DMC in my big league this weekend, and unless you have a lot of other attractive options, so should you.

Kurt Warner
Week Two: at Washington

Forgive us for momentarily having flashbacks of The Greatest Show on Turf when Warner was slinging the ball all over the field last week. That was a throwback performance is there ever was one. This week, the Cards head to Washington against a Skins team that held their own against Drew Brees last week. Still, with receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin on top of their games, Warner is quality start.

Brandon Marshall
Week Two: New Orleans

The recipe for success: a hot Jay Cutler + a motivated Brandon Marshall x an awful Saints secondary. Marshall is probably a must start every week from here on out, and expect him to have another huge game this week.

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A new trade has been offered. Again I come to you.

I would Lose. McNabb Royal and Grant

I would get. Brees Fitz and K. Smith

What do you think?

Ricky responds: Jeez man, that's a tough one. Larry Fitzgerald is a huge upgrade over Eddie Royal, since Royal's role will be slightly diminished now with Marshall back. I think Brees and McNabb are a wash, though I think most would say Brees is a slight upgrade. So it comes down to Kevin Smith and Ryan Grant. Smith is getting a decent number of carries in Detroit, but he just hasn't produced yet. Grant has started slow as well, but it's safe to say that he's the superior player. If you have decent running back depth behind Grant, I'd say make the trade. If not, stick with what you've got.

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