Can Week One's stars keep it going?

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Yesterday Olsen explained just how bizarre it was to see so many unproven commodities excel in Week One. But are those guys legit, or was it just a one game aberration? Let's take a look at some of the Week Two matchups for this week's fantasy heroes.

Michael Turner
Week Two: at Tampa Bay

Just imagine how much more impressive Turner's final stats would have been had Atlanta not given the speedy Jerious Norwood 14 carries. Could Adrian Peterson's freshly minted single game rushing record have been in jeopardy? I guess we'll never know.

Norwood's emergence may be the only knock you can have against Turner at this point. He's waited years for this opportunity, and a no-name offensive line made enough holes for him to capitalize on it. There is no reason Turner shouldn't have success again next week against a Buccaneers team that allowed an inferior Saints running game to top 100 yards in Week One. Don't expect two bills again, but Turner should be in line for another strong performance.

Willie Parker
Week Two: at Cleveland

So much for Rashard Mendenhall stealing goal line touches, huh? Parker's three touchdowns- remember, the guy only found the end zone twice all last year- are just as surprising as anything that happened Week One, Michael Turner included. But while the touchdowns may have been a tad fluky, Parker's 5.5 yards per carry average was not. If he keeps running like that, the scores will come. Parker heads to Cleveland on Sunday to take on a Browns team that had a hell of a time stopping Marian Barber in Week One. Expect Cleveland to drop a lot of guys into coverage to make up for a poor secondary, and that could be all Parker needs for another big outing.

Eddie Royal
Week Two: San Diego

Receiver is traditionally a hard position for rookies to make an impact, but Royal, a second round selection out of Virginia Tech, made the transition look easy. But don't expect nine catches for 146 every game, especially next week. Brandon Marshall, who caught over 100 balls last year, returns after a one game suspension. And despite their two big name corner backs, Oakland's pass defense isn't as tough as the Chargers. Royal may still make an impact, but it's doubtful he'll be this good again.

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