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One of the most crucial components of making sure your fantasy football draft is as successful as possible is your player rankings.

They'll help you make those tough decisions from the first few rounds up until the very end. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it's very unlikely you'll find too many rankings on line that are completely the same.

So with that in mind, to make things easier, we've broken them down for you into tiers. The players are separated into groups based upon their overall fantasy production, potential, past performances, injuries and how we think they'll fare in 2008.

Players are listed in alphabetical order

Tier one - The Elite

Randy Moss, New England Patriots
Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys

Tier two
Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints
Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals
Reggie Wayne, Indianpolis Colts

Tier three

Anquan Boldin, Arizona Cardinals
Plaxico Burress, New York Giants
Torry Holt, St. Louis Rams
T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Cincinnati Bengals
Andre Johnson, Houston Texans

Tier four
Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions
Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals
Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos
Wes Welker, New England Patriots

Tier five

Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts
Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers
Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers
Roy Williams, Detroit Lions

Tier six

Bernard Berrian, Minnesota Vikings
Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs
Lee Evans, Buffalo Bills
Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers
Santana Moss, Washington Redskins
Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons

Tier seven

Jerricho Cotchery, New York Jets
Donald Driver, Green Bay Packers
Joey Galloway, Tampa Bay Bucs
Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers
Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers

Tier eight

Nate Burleson, Minnesota Vikings
Chris Chambers, San Diego Chargers
Laveranues Coles, New York Jets
Santana Moss, Washington Redskins

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What a joke... Berrian ahead of Cotchery and Coles? Spent a lot of thought on this I can see... Santana Moss listed on the 6th and 8th tier!

Olsen responds: Again, player rankings are in the eyes of the beholder and this proves my point emphatically.

Old quarterback - albeit a Hall of Famer - in a new system and environment having to split his attention between Coles (who basically cried when Pennington left) and Cotchery (who I think will be the better of the two) with the New York media breathing down his neck at all times?


Young quarterback with arguably the best offensive line in football, the best 1-2 punch at running back in the game and a top five defense capable of generating turnovers at any given moment with only a single valid option at the wide receiver position?

Give me Berrian over Coles and Cotchery All. Day. Long.

Thanks for checking in.

And you're right, I accidentally put Coles on the list twice. Thanks for the heads up.

How is Chad Johnson in tier four? I might put him in one and for sure in number two. Fitzgerald is not as good as Bolden, and Holt it better than Colston. Anyone and I mean anyone who watches football knows Steve Smith is better than Fitzgerald and Bolden and he's better than Wayne or Welker or Andre Johnson. YOU ARE VERY STUPID

Olsen responds: Seriously?

You would consider taking Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco before Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?

Does your league need another player?

But let's look at each of your claims here:

1. "Fitzgerald is not as good as Bolden"

Fitzgerald 2007 stats: 100 catches, 1,409 yards, 10 TD
Boldin 2007 stats: 71 catches, 853 yards, 9 TD

Fitzgerald is the unquestioned number one wide receiver on that team and the numbers prove it.

2. "Holt it better than Colston"

Colston 2007 stats: 98 catches, 1,202 yards, 11 TD
Holt 2007 stats: 93 catches, 1,189 yards, 9 TD

Holt is one of - if not the most - consistent wide receivers in football. But he's on a bad team with a quarterback in Bulger that can't stay healthy. And as good as Holt is, he's getting up there in years and it's only a matter of time before his body starts to break down.

Colston has got all the upside on a team that has a very good shot at reaching the Super Bowl with Drew Brees throwing him the football. This is one of the most explosive offenses in the game and he's got the game breaking ability that you crave in a number one fantasy wide receiver.

I would take Colston over Holt in any format every single time.

3. "anyone who watches football knows Steve Smith is better than Fitzgerald and Bolden and he's better than Wayne or Welker or Andre Johnson"

Smith 2007 stats: 87 catches, 1,002 yards, 7 TD

Fitzgerald 2007 stats: 100 catches, 1,409 yards, 10 TD
Wayne 2007 stats: 104 catches, 1,510 yards, 10 TD
Johnson 2007 stats: 60 catches, 851 yards, 8 TD (missed 7 games due to injury)
Welker 2007 stats: 112 catches, 1,175 yards, 8 TD

I'm having a very difficult time trying understand how you could possibly make that statement. First and foremost, Smith is missing the first two games this season after he knocked out a teammate during practice. So there goes your first two weeks of the season without getting a single point from your best receiver.

If Delhomme and Smith can rekindle the magic they had going in 2005, then yes, Smith would merit being placed higher on this list.

But putting him ahead of Wayne and Fitzgerald is borderline insane.

Johnson scored more touchdowns than Smith, even though he missed seven games due to injury. And Welker is on the BEST offense in the NFL with the reigning MVP Tom Brady looking for him on nearly every possession if Moss is covered. I'm not sure you noticed, but Brady did throw 50 TD passes last year and while he won't come close to that number this year, 35-40 TD is a realistic expectation and Welker will receive his fair share of them.

And like I said, if you need an extra person in your league I'd love to sign up. I could always use some extra cash at the end of the football season.

Thanks for checking in.

With McKinnie's suspended, that O-line doesn't look as solid as it once did. Jackson will have lots of pressure to deal.

Olsen responds: I'll agree with you there. His four game suspension does put a dent in that vaulted offensive line.

But out of the Vikings mauling left side trio of Bryant McKinnie, Matt Birk and Steve Hutchinson, McKinnie is the weakest link anyway.

You still have Hutchinson - the best lineman in football protecting the edge, watching Jackson's backside. And you have multiple Pro Bowler Birk C clogging up the middle and making sure the inside rush doesn't get to Jackson.

It's a blow to this team indeed, but I'd be a lot more concerned if it was either Birk or Hutchinson that was suspended.

Olsen, your insane with that last comment. LT is easily the O-lines most important position, and simply because mt. mckinnie doesn't make the pro bowl doesn't mean he's not one of the best LTs in the game.

Not having mckinnie for week 2 and 3 against peppers and freeney is going to be a much bigger blow than it would be if they were missing Chad Hutchinson. Its not even close or debateable my friend.

Olsen responds: First of all, his name is Steve Hutchinson, the best lineman in football and not that airhead quarterback the Bears once had a short while ago.

And my reasoning still stands. I agree that losing McKinnie for any amount of time is going to hurt the Vikings overall production. But I would still argue that what you're going to get from this team in terms of fantasy production would have been even more severely damaged had Birk or Hutchinson gone down.

This from the Star Tribune up in Minneapolis about McKinnie's replacement, Artis Hicks:

"But the good thing is I think the Vikings understood this potentially could happen. From what I've seen in practice and on tape Hicks is a natural left side player."

"I think they got him a significant number of snaps on the left side [in training camp] just in case. Do you want to open against Green Bay, Indianapolis, Carolina and Tennessee without McKinnie? No way. But I think they are good enough up front to weather that storm. Especially because they run the football so effectively."

We'll just have to wait and see.

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