Player rankings- Quarterbacks

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One of the most crucial components of making sure your fantasy football draft is as successful as possible is your player rankings.

They'll help you make those tough decisions from the first few rounds up until the very end. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it's very unlikely you'll find too many rankings online that are completely the same.

So with that in mind, to make things easier, we've broken them down for you into tiers. The players are separated into groups based upon their overall fantasy production, potential, past performances, injuries and how we think they'll fare in 2008.
Based upon that, you can get a sense of where they might be placed in the rankings, however you see fit.

-Matt Olsen

Here are our quarterback rankings.

Tier One- First Round

Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Tier Two- Rounds 2-3

Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys
Peyton Manning- Indianapolis Colts
Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints

Tier Three- Rounds 3-4

Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers
Carson Palmer- Cincinnati Bengals
Derek Anderson- Cleveland Browns

Tier Four- Rounds 4-6

Matt Hasselbeck- Seattle Seahawks
Donavon McNabb- Philadelphia Eagles
Brett Favre- New York Jets

Tier Five- Rounds 6-8

Phillip Rivers- San Diego Chargers
Jay Cutler- Denver Broncos
David Garrard- Jacksonville Jaguars
Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers
Marc Bulger- St. Louis Rams
Kurt Warner- Arizona Cardinals
Eli Manning- New York Giants

Tier Six- Rounds 8-11

Jason Campbell- Washington Redskins
Jon Kitna- Detroit Lions
Matt Schaub- Houston Texans
Jake Delhomme- Carolina Panthers
Jeff Garcia- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tier Seven- End of draft specials

Vince Young- Tennessee Titans
JaMarcus Russell- Oakland Raiders
Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons
Chad Pennington- Miami Dolphins

Tier Eight- Mr. Irrelevant(s)

Kyle Orton- Chicago Bears
JT O'Sullivan- San Francisco 49ers
Trent Edwards- Buffalo Bills
Brodie Croyle- Kansas City Chiefs
Troy Smith- Baltimore Ravens
Tarvaris Jackson- Minnesota Vikings

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