Down goes Ian Kinsler, your fantasy team

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For as much attention as Chase Utley and Dan Uggla get in the National League, Ian Kinsler has been just as impressive in the AL, setting the table for the Rangers' high powered offense all season. Few middle infielders can match his blend of power (.892 OPS) and speed (26 steals in 28 chances), and he's been one of fantasy baseball's biggest surprises in 2008.

But just as fantasy leagues head down to the wire, Kinsler faces an uncertain future. Yesterday, Kinsler was placed on the 15-day DL with a hernia he suffered a day earlier. Rotoworld speculated that Kinsler could have season ending surgery, with the Rangers out of contention in the AL West.

For fantasy teams relying on Kinsler to bring home a title, it's a crushing blow. No second baseman on the waiver wire will be able to match his production.

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