Tuesday’s best and worst of fantasy baseball

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Three up

Justin Duchscherer- Oakland A’s (SP)
Vs. Seattle Mariners
Win: CG, 2 H, 0 ER, 4 K

Get your bags packed Justin. Since Duchscherer is leading the AL in ERA right now, I’m sure Oakland GM Billy Beane could get a king’s ransom in return for the 30-year old. A’s fans hope that if Duchscherer is traded, Oakland can get more in return than Sean Gallagher and a few spare parts. Seriously, how do the Cubbies get Harden without giving up Josh Vitters, Tyler Colvin, or Felix Pie? If Harden is healthy, the Cubs made a great move.

Andy Pettitte- New York Yankees (SP)
Vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Win: 8 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 5 K

It’s pretty remarkable that Pettitte was able to put all the preseason steroid talk behind him and turn in a very solid first half. With an ERA under 4 and a nearly 3-1 strikeout to walk ratio, Pettitte has been as reliable as any AL pitcher so far. Still, the Yankees are going to need a lot more from everyone else to catch the Rays and Red Sox.

Miguel Cabrera- Detroit Tigers (1B)
Vs. Cleveland Indians
4-for-4, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 2 R

It’s about time Cabrera turned in a performance like this. Though his .291/.356/.495 line is good, the Tigers were expecting more from the man they gave $153 million to. With the Tigers pitching looking wobbly, it’ll be up to Cabrera and the rest of the Tigers offense to live up to expectations and start raking for Detroit to catch the White Sox and Twins.

One down

Jermaine Dye- White Sox (RF)
Vs. Kansas City Royals
0-for-6, 2 K

As we’ve pointed out on here endlessly, Dye has been scorching hot lately. Is this a sign that he’s cooling down or just a one-game aberration? We’ll see.

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