Someone to keep an eye on: Fernando Rodney

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While the White Sox were taking two of three from the Tigers over the weekend, they also managed to have a big impact on fantasy teams.

Jermaine Dye's two-run homer on Friday did more than give the White Sox an important win over a division rival. Dye's blast also caused Detroit closer Todd Jones to lose his job. After giving up more base runners and runs of any closer this side of Joe Borowski the last few years, it appears Jones is done in the role for good.

Despite blowing three saves in 21 chances and posting an ERA of 5, Jones was still owned in 95% of ESPN fantasy leagues. That means his replacement, the equally erratic Fernando Rodney, will be a hot commodity. If you need a closer, take a look at him.

Most of Rodney's numbers are actually worse than Jones', but fantasy players can expect a few more strikeouts from Rodney, who has an electric fastball.

Rodney should only be an option for teams that are desperately chasing saves. Because of Detroit's high octane offense, Rodney should get lots of save chances, but who knows if he'll convert them.

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Rodney is known for his changeup, mostly. Love the blog mr. O'Donnellon

Thanks for the advice. I picked him up as well as Harrahan(sp) from Washington who is now the closer. Any info on him?

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