Fantasy Baseball: Ugly after the break

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Today we're going to take a look at some fantasy players that have been ice cold since coming off the All-Star break. It's not unusual for a player to need some time to get back in the groove, but these guys are stretching the limits of our patience:

Aramis Ramirez, Cubs 3B

In his last 29 at bats, Ramirez has a grand total of two hits, zero RBI, zero HR and 9 K. Granted, the entire Cubs team was struggling up until last night's outburst against the Diamondbacks. But, Ramirez is counted upon by fantasy owners to provide HR and RBI and he's consistently done so the past couple of years. It's time for the big man to step up and get back to his clutch hitting ways and help the Cubs - and more importantly you - build a lead in the division.

I've heard that his swing is breaking down mechanically and he may only need a slight adjustment to correct it. Let's hope someone figures it out, quickly.

Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs OF

Not to pick on the Cubs here, but their foreign import is struggling mightily after starting the season so hot. I mentioned his downturn in production in the last version of our rookie rankings, but since things have not gotten any better.

He's struck out 18 times in July, with only a single HR and two RBI in that span. It was inevitable for Fukudome to hit a stretch in which he struggled and in time he'll probably break out of it and return to his surprising fantasy successes.

Until that happens, it's only a question of when?

Andy Sonnanstine, Rays P

After two very strong starts to begin July, Sonnanstine has been awful in his last two appearances, giving up six ER to the lowly Indians and took another beating against the A's this week.

He's been a strong pitcher this season, reflected in his 10-5 record on the season. The Rays have been very up and down lately and Sonnanstine has definitely been one reason why. I wouldn't give up on him yet, but the Rays need to start turning it around here very soon if they plan on keeping the Red Sox and Yankees off their back.

Carlos Gomez, Twins OF

The prized prospect the Twins received in the Johan Santana to the Mets deal, Gomez is slumping in a big way, forcing manger Ron Gardenhire to move him down in the lineup to ninth.

Typically you'd expect a rookie to have his bad times, but Gomez has six hits in his last 61 plate appearances and has scored only seven times in July.

Those are beyond your average slump numbers and there's a very good chance he'll be sent down to the minors very soon if it continues. And with the Twins upcoming schedule, it truly looks like it might.

In order, he'll be facing solid pitching from the Indians' Cliff Lee (13-2) and Fausto Carmona (4-2), and then the White Sox staff highlighted by Mark Buehrle (8-8) and Gavin Floyd (10-6).

It looks like it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

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Good read Matt! Fukudome has been nothing short of horrible and dropped from my team as of Sunday. Jay Bruce is another one on my team that I'm considering dropping but I'm holding out because he is extremely talented. Any chance we can get your list of best after the break as well?

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