Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings

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Here are the top thirty fantasy baseball players overall based on stats and overall performance this season only. Promise, potential, soothsaying and reputation do not play a factor into them because they didn't earn you points yesterday and they won't earn you points today.

Here goes with their previous weeks' ranking in parentheses:

1. (1) Alex Rodriguez, NYY 3B - If only A-Rod didn't miss so much time, his numbers would be MVP worthy.

2. (3) Hanley Ramirez, FLA SS - Ramirez is the future of baseball. Anyone disagree?

3. (2) Lance Berkman, HOU OF/1B - Slowing down lately, homerless in July.

4. (7) Josh Hamilton, TEX OF - Up to 103 RBI on the season, shows no signs of slowing down.

5. (5) Albert Pujols, STL 1B - Eight hits, 2 HR, 7 RBI in last three games.

6. (12) Ryan Braun, MIL 3B - Braun is unconscious right now (6 HR, 15 RBI in last 10 games).

7. (9) Jose Reyes, NYM SS - Reyes is back to his old ways, lighting it up in July.

8. (6) Chase Utley, PHI 2B - Struggles continue, homerless since July 7.

9. (4) Ian Kinsler, TEX 2B - Ten hits in his last five games, keeps on trucking.

10. (10) Matt Holliday, COL OF - Having his best month so far and with trade talks dying down, Holliday is on his way up.

11. (11) David Wright, NYM 3B - With 18 RBI, 25 R, 5 HR Wright is doing big things in July.

12. (8) Grady Sizemore, CLE OF - About the only thing good in Cleveland these days (25HR, 26 SB)

13. (NR) Ryan Howard, PHI 1B - May have been tough on him, but he deserved it. Now he's back to elite status among fantasy baseball.

14. (13) Carlos Quentin, CHW OF - Hitting HRs in bunches in clutch situations.

15. (NR) Miguel Cabrera, DET 1B - 17 RBI in his last ten games. Where has this been all season?

16. (15) Prince Fielder, MIL 1B - Good, not great this month. Kind of like his entire season.

17. (NR) Brandon Phillips, CIN 2B - Continues to look like one of the game's best young talents.

18. (19) Cliff Lee, CLE SP - Leads the AL in both wins (14) and ERA (2.29).

19. (21) Dan Haren, ARI SP - 0.96 WHIP is tops in the NL and so is Haren's ERA (2.56).

20. (18) Milton Bradley, TEX OF/DH - Power numbers are starting to slip, 0 HR and two extra base hits in last 10 games.

21. (20) Roy Halladay, TOR SP - The seven complete games are ridiculous enough, but Halladay is also third in the AL with 133 strikeouts.

22. (23) Jermaine Dye, CHW OF - Past four games: 5-for-15, 3 HR, 5 RBI, 4 R.

23. (NR) Manny Ramirez, BOS OF - Nothing he does surprises me anymore.

24. (24) Brandon Webb, ARI SP - Lasted at least seven innings in each of last three starts, averaging six Ks per game in that same stretch.

25. (25) Tim Lincecum, SF SP - NL leading 156 strikeouts is a beautiful thing.

26. (29) Mariano Rivera, NYY RP - More Yankees wins, means mo Mo'. Please excuse my idiocy.

27. (30) Justin Duchscherer, OAK SP - Slipped up against tough TEX offense (6 IP, 8 ER), but still leads AL in WHIP (0.94) and is second in ERA (2.37).

28. (26) Carlos Lee, HOU OF - Feast or famine describes him to perfection.

29. (27) Edison Volquez, CIN SP - Past two starts have been hideous (9 ER, 5 BB, 3 HR).

30. (NR) Carlos Delgado, NYM 1B - Who knew Jerry Manuel would be the key to unleashing this fantasy beast?

Those who have fallen: Adrian Gonzalez (SD-1B), Chipper Jones (ATL-3B, on the DL), Carl Crawford (TB-OF), Dan Uggla (FLA-2B)

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