Wednesday links: Down goes Pujols

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- First David Ortiz, now Albert Pujols. It has been a tough couple of weeks if you own a slugging first baseman. How is a fantasy team to survive? Maybe A’s super-prospect Daric Barton can help out. He’s surging now after a terrible May.

- Rafael Furcal was tearing it up before he went down on May 6 with a back strain. Also: he’ll be a free agent this year. Funny how those things work out. Furcal says he doesn’t want to rush back until he’s fully healthy (why mess up a .366 batting average, right?), so don’t expect him to return before the All-Star Game.

- ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick takes a look at some players who aren’t hitting for power like they should be. It is kind of crazy that Victor Martinez still has no homers. If it’s any wonder why my fantasy team is struggling, I drafted three guys on this list. You’re killing me, Cano.

- SI’s Tom Verducci goes out on a limb and says Chipper Jones won’t hit .400. Gee, thanks Tom. Hitting .400 is kind of hard. I think we all knew that. Still, if anyone is going to do it, Chipper Jones has a great shot. He’s been one of the more underrated hitters of his generation. Just take a look at his career stats: not many guys can OPS over 1.000 two years in a row at his age. And those on-base percentages. As for as hitters who started in the mid 90s (correction: who were in their prime in the mid-90s?), I may only take Griffey, Bonds, and A-Rod over Jones.

- Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports the Dodgers, currently 3.5 games back in the underwhelming NL West, could deal the young and awesome Matt Kemp for a veteran power bat at the trade deadline. I can’t imagine Dodgers fans would be pleased with a Kemp for Jason Bay swap, but they are still too busy mocking Paul Peirce to pay attention.

- Finally…is it ever too early to start talking fantasy football? I say no. We’ll kick up the football coverage in about a month, but the fine people at RotoArcade already have their eyes on a sleeper running back, and, wouldn’t you know, it’s the Bears very own Matt Forte. Forte’s worth should be determined by whether or not the Bears bring in a veteran free agent to split carries with him. In today’s paper, Brad Biggs takes a look at who is available. Kevin Jones wouldn’t be bad, I suppose. But if it’s just Peterson and Wolfe, Forte could be a third round pick, and probably the second rookie selected after the Raiders’ Darren McFadden.

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Is it really that crazy that young hitters are inconsistent with thier power numbers? That's sort of what they do...Oh, and they are testing players a lot now...wierd.

Nice post guys. One minor error, no big deal, Bonds didn't start in the mid-90's, but actually 1986. Cool site though

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