Tuesday's Fantasy Baseball Links

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Injury Watch

Wang gone

The New York Times is reporting that Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang will miss at least 10 weeks with a sprained Lisfranc ligament and a torn tendon in his right foot. If you've got time and a DL spot hang on to him. Otherwise, give him the boot.

And in other news...

Hollerin' Hank

The New York Daily News says Hank Steinbrenner wants you to know that the National League is too rough and is stuck in the Dark Ages or something to that effect. Being ridiculously insane must be in the Steinbrenner genes.

Penny may come back Friday

According to the L.A. Times, Brad Penny looks to be on schedule to make his start Friday but it's not a guarantee. He needs to be healthy for those of you who used a high pick on him in your draft. Hopefully he actually gets some run support, but I sincerely doubt it.

Sheff back on duty

Get ready D-Town, the Detroit Free Press is reporting the one and only Gary Sheffield is going to be ready for active duty very soon. Former teammates and coaches are already anticipating how he's going to go behind their backs and lie about them this time.

Dice-K makes first rehab start

The fine folks over at MLB.com were there for Daisuke Matsuzaka's first ever rehab stint and here's what they had to report: he looked good and bought the team steak and shrimp for dinner.

Pickup of the day

Marcus Thames - Detroit Tigers (LF)
.257 AVG, 12 HR, 28 RBI, .328 OBP, .611 SLG

The stat line above may appear average, but you have to look at it for what it is.

Thames has hit five of his twelve home runs in the past four games alone and is on an absolute tear. Manager Jim Leyland has committed to giving him the starting job in left and the Tigers are reaping the benefits in a very big way.

He's probably available in your league right now, unless some overzealous opponent picked him up sooner. But it's worth a look if you're stuck without an outfielder while the Pirates' Xavier Nady is hurt and could end up on the DL.

Two years ago he hit 26 homeruns and drove in 60 RBI. The talent is there, all Thames needed was the chance to prove it again.

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Be careful what you say about Sheffield. I mean, seriously, look out.

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