Friday's Fantasy Baseball Links

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Down and out

Cleveland Indians catcher Victor Martinez heads to the DL and truthfully, it couldn't have come any sooner. He's really slumped since breaking out in a big way last year, but then again, you could basically say that for the entire Indians team. I don't know if anyone has disappointed this much since


So, as much as I'd like to make a third grade pee joke out of this I have chosen to refrain from doing so. Mets outfielder Moises Alou is on his way back to the DL and has only appeared in a grand total of 15 games this season. Alou is one of those guys that when in the lineup, always seemed to find a way to get on base. He's about as pure of a hitter as you'll find with the only caveat being that he can't hit when he's popping pain pills at home rehabbing his calf injury. Truthfully, I wouldn't waste a roster spot on Alou and I'd suggest looking at his replacement Fernando Tatis (never thought I'd be writing that).

Johnny G

As far as guys that I would definitely have in the lineup this evening, Angel pitcher Jon Garland would be near or at the top of my list. He's facing a Braves team that is reeling from a rash of injuries, including the loss of John Smoltz and an achy Chipper Jones. Watching him pitch for the Sox for so long, Garland is going to have a very nice chance of going seven innings deep and should pick up the win.

Yankee savior?

Joba Chamberlain takes the bump for the Yankees tonight against the Houston Astros and all of New York is hoping he can make it past the fourth inning. Granted, Chamberlain has been on a very strict pitch count as mandated by the trainer and manager Joe Girardi. But for this team to have any chance of catching up to the Tampa Bay Rays and the rest of the AL East, Chamberlain is going to have to step his game up.

But the fantasy implications could be huge if Chamberlain turns this thing around. A guy bringing 100 mph heat translates into a high strikeout number and could swing any fantasy matchup on any given day. Regardless of how average he's looked in his first couple starts, keep throwing Jaba out there because he's got the stuff of an ace.

Last Chance

When the Cubs take on the Blue Jays tonight, Sean Gallagher will be under Looney Lou's microscope and should be under yours as well. At times he's looked like a valid fifth starter, but then there are times when you're looking to the minors for his replacement. With the Jays offense not hitting full stride tonight, and with the knowledge that this team seems to be finding new ways to win every game, I like Gallagher in this start.

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