Fantasy fallout: News and notes from the weekend in baseball

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Yadier Molina - St. Louis Cardinals C

Molina was carried away on a stretcher after being plowed into by Philadelphia Phillies baserunner Eric Bruntlett on Sunday. He may be the only Molina out of the 57 others in the league that actually has any fantasy value. Molina probably just had his clock cleaned and could be back soon.

Chien-Ming Wang - New York Yankees P

The most consistent member of the Yankees rotation was knocked out of Sunday's game against the Houston Astros with an unidentified foot injury. However, according to this New York Times article:

He did not speak to reporters, but he told others that he felt a pop in his foot while rounding third base, a strong sign of ligament damage that could sideline him for months, if not the rest of the season.

We'll monitor this situation closely but you should start to make room on the DL for Wang because this isn't looking good. But if you don't have the option to put him on the DL, wait and see how long he'll be out before cutting him.

Xavier Nady - Pittsburgh Pirates OF

A bum shoulder has Nady heading home to Pittsburgh to get an MRI in hopes of determining what kind of damage was done when he crashed into the outfield wall Saturday chasing a foul ball. Losing Nady could have a very large impact on anyone's fantasy team seeing as how he's currently in the midst of his best season as a pro. It doesn't sound like it's going to be a long term injury but when it comes to shoulder injuries one can never be too careful.

Just ask Mark Prior (cheap shot, I know, but come on you would have too).

Paul Konerko - Chicago White Sox 1B

We kind of touched on this earlier, but Paul Konerko was a late scratch from Sunday's game against the Colorado Rockies after straining an oblique muscle during batting practice. If this was the Paul Konerko from two years ago I would be taking this hit a little harder, but he's been playing so badly it's kind of a nice break. Fantasy owners have struggled through this guy's substandard play the past two years and despite occasional glimpses of the player he once was, Paulie 'Walnuts' just isn't the same.

Hate to say it, but it might be time to part ways with Mr. Konerko.

New York blues

Typically it's not necessary to talk about the managers of teams because it doesn't really matter to fantasy baseball. But in the case of New York Mets manager Willie Randolph, we're going to make an exception because what's going on in the Big Apple is affecting fantasy baseball.

With updates coming hourly about Randolph's job status, and the daily questions his players have to endure about the topic, this Mets team is drowning in controversy despite having a roster most general managers would drool over. If the players can't focus on the game and actually have a little fun while playing it, their production is going to dip and thus hurt your fantasy team. Guys like Carlos Beltran, David Wright and Jose Reyes are all performing below expectations and it can partly be attributed to this Randolph situation.

Fire him or keep him. Just make a decision so these guys can start producing the way they're capable of.

Burnett to the Cubs?

After throwing a gem against the Cubs this weekend, A.J. Burnett decided it was time to let the media know he wouldn't be upset at the idea of leaving Toronto:

"As of right now, I'm a Blue Jay, and I'm going to pitch to the best of my ability as long as I'm part of this club,'' Burnett said. ''But if something were to happen and I'd have the opportunity to go to a place (like Chicago) where baseball is breakfast, lunch and dinner, that would be awesome.

"Right now, my focus is with this club, but if something like that were to happen, I'd accept it with open arms.''

So, my fantasy friends, the question is would Burnett would be better or worse in Chicago?

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With Nady out, my fantasy season is officially OVA!. Never mind that I have to deal with Pujols, Byrnes and Glavine out, not to mention Smoltz out for the year, but even if none of those guys were hurt I would say my team is done. This is for the simple reasoning that Xavier Nady is better than Derrick Rose, and Derrick Rose is god, so what does that make Nady?

Nady and Rose '08

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