Fantasy baseball: Rethinking the first round of your fantasy baseball draft

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Question of the day

If you had to do it all over again, who would you have selected first overall in your fantasy baseball draft?

Would it be Lance Berkman?

Despite looking like the guy on the labels of Brawny paper towels, Berkman is dominating in every offensive statistical category and may be a candidate for the NL MVP award at season's end.

Berkman leads the NL in slugging-percentage (.683), runs (66) and OPS (1.121), and is second in batting average (.354).

Throw in his 20 home runs and 60 RBI and Berkman is blowing up the fantasy baseball world and could have very well deserved to be taken first overall.

Would it be Josh Hamilton?

The former first overall pick has reformed from his days of drug addiction to become an absolute beast for fantasy teams everywhere. Chances are his name was called near the very end of your draft and was basically an afterthought.

What round would you take him in now?

Would it be Chipper Jones?

Hitting .400 for an entire season is one of those records that truly WASN'T made to be broken. Chipper is making a run at it, but the truth is it's not going to happen.

But he's hitting a ridiculous .393 with 16 HR and 46 RBI on top of it. Knowing what we know now, he would have definitely merited first round consideration.

Would it be Dan Uggla?

The little guy that could has been Mr. Big Time for the Marlins this year and has delivered clutch hit after clutch hit so far this season.

He ranks first in the NL with 23 HR, fourth in runs (57), fourth in OPS (1.022)and second in SLG (.643).

Numbers like those don't lie folks, he definitely is in the mix.

So what do you think? Knowing what you know now, how would the first round of your draft been different?

Or would it have gone the same way?

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You are missing an obviously one in Chase Utley. While he has cooled off a bit as of late, there are limited quality 2B let alone an elite one like Utley. I might also consider Hanley Ramirez or Jose Reyes considering elite SS are also rare commodities.


I will pretty much go out on wide, sturdy, concrete limp here and say that all those players you mentioned would be drafted in the first round of 99% of all fantasy leagues. And if not then you play in a league of fools...

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