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The Evening Rush for Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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The must-read news stories for June 5, 2013.

Mayor Emanuel, surveying the Council Chambers in May 2013 // Sun-Times Files

City Council hoedown
It took over two hours of "'atta boys" to get to the actual legislation, but the City Council did eventually get down to business. By a 39-11 margin, aldermen voted in favor of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed changes to the parking meter deal. Also approved: the 'meh' compromise no one involved really liked regarding more night games at Wrigley Field and a measure to come down harder on both drivers and cyclists. There was also a lot of bones creaking as even opponents of the parking meter deal changes bent over backwards to heap praise on Emanuel for his handling of the deal while also occasionally bringing up empty objections to the deal. It was a testament to democracy. Or something. [Sun-Times, Politics Blog]

Philly building collapse
At least two people are dead and a dozen hurt after a building in Philadelphia collapsed this afternoon. What's more, the building's owner seems to have connections to a slum lord. [, CityPaper]

D-Day for Roseland
Officials will decide by 5 p.m. whether to keep Roseland Community Hospital open. [Sun-Times]

National security merry-go-round
Tom Donilon is out and Susan Rice is in as national security adviser. Pulitzer Prize-winning author and former Obama campaign adviser Samantha Power is up as Obama's nominee for the U.N. This will all go smoothly with the GOP, surely, given how much former child actor Frankie Muniz hates it. [WaPo]

Hat in the ring
Bruce Rauner is jumping in to the governor's race by taking aim at the Legislature. [Sun-Times]

For Bobby
Groupon is honoring its fallen worker Bobby Cann, the cyclist killed by an allegedly drunk driver in Old Town last week, by accepting $10 donations to install protected bike lanes. [DNA Info]

File under: Shocking!
When you take loaded shotguns to gun clubs, sometimes 10 people get hurt by an accidental shooting. [Sun-Times]

Recovering Paris
Paris Jackson, daughter to deceased King of Pop Michael, is recovering from an emergency trip to the hospital in what is being labeled as an apparent suicide attempt. [L.A. Times]

FLOTUS vs Heckler
If you didn't know that heckling the first lady was a bad idea by now, I don't know what to tell you. [Sun-Times]

Sparkly problems
Hammond, Ind., is being terrorized by a glittery lawn problem. [CBS 2]

Wrong tree
The wife of a politician has taken to social media in an attempt to chase other women away from hitting on her husband, particularly strippers. And, yes, this story is from Alabama, how did you know? []

Roid rage
More baseball players to face punishment for steroids. No, this is not a repeat from 2004. [ESPN]

Peavy pains
There's an MRI waiting for Jake Peavy after he was yanked from last night's game against the Mariners due to pain in his ribs. [USA Today]

Hawks trouble
Duncan Keith awaits his punishment after a hearing connected to his slash on the L.A. Kings last night. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One
Hello, Operator, can you help Quinn place this call? Mark Brown on the governor's tough calls. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Superheroes are real; they're just in Virginia. [WTKR]

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