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The Evening Rush for Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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The must-read news stories for May 21, 2013

Andrew Nelles/Sun-Times

The Eve of Closure for CPS
Tomorrow is Decision Day for the Chicago Board of Education who will vote on the CPS' list of over 50 proposed school closures and consolidations. As the big vote approaches, Mayor Emanuel has stood firm on his proposed list even as research by outlets like the Sun-Times, WBEZ, the Tribune and Catalyst have showed that the closings won't benefit students in the way the city and CPS claim. With the vote scheduled for tomorrow morning, be sure to check in with for the latest coverage, including live updates as the votes take place. [Sun-Times Final Bell, Sun-Times editorial, CBS 2, WBEZ, Catalyst]

Gay marriage battle heats up
As a bill to legalize gay marriage lingers in the statehouse, two powerful parties -- one local, one national -- weighed in on the matter. A survey by the Sun-Times of the statehouse's black caucus finds an internal split among members but with a large number of leaning-towards or undecideds. Meanwhile, former President Bill Clinton has joined others -- including President Obama, Gov. Quinn, and Mayor Emanuel -- in urging passing the bill. The bill has stalled since passing the Senate over three months ago; the current assembly is scheduled to adjourn on May 31. [Sun-Times, Politics Blog]

OK cleanup
Cleanup and rescue efforts continue in Moore, Okla., where a monstrous tornado killed at least 24 people and injured hundreds as it leveled part of the city. Meanwhile, survivors and observers continue to find rays of hope amid the destruction. [Sun-Times, KFOR, A Ray of Hope]

Pleading the Fifth
A top IRS official is vowing to plead the fifth under questioning related to the organization's alleged targeting of Tea Party groups. [Tribune]

A Southwest Side teen has been charged in the 2011 shooting of a pizza delivery person after his DNA matched that found in a Chicago Bulls hat found at the murder scene. [Sun-Times]

A woman in Norwich, England bragged about hitting a cyclist with her car -- which helped the police locate her. [Jalopnik]

Blah blah Chief Keef blah blah something dumb blah marijuana blah blah arrested. [Sun-Times]

3D printing pro?
While 3D printing is leading to concerns about weapon manufacturing, NASA could soon help end hunger by churning out 3D-printed food. []

Grub Street is shuttering its local-oriented sites in favor of a national, catch-all site. [Gapers Block]

"Baby, you got a stew going"
Arrested Development Week continues with a look at the top cameos and guest star appearances. [Daily Sizzle]

Guilty plea
The man accused of murdering a Bears fan in Jacksonville, Fla., before last season's Jaguars-Bears game has entered a guilty plea. [ESPN]

Bold Sox
Have the Pale Hose got their groove back? [Sun-Times]

Belly Up
Farewell, belly putters. [Irish Times]

The Bright One
The Blackhawks have their backs to the wall for the first time all season as Rick Morrissey explores how the team can fight back in Game Four tomorrow night. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Unless you want trouble, don't go touching people with a banana that's standing in as a penis. [Gawker]

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