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The Evening Rush for Thursday, May 23, 2013

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The must-read news stories for May 23, 2013.

Andrew A. Nelles~Sun-Times Media

Daley's staff knew meter deal was bad news
To the surprise of absolutely no one, it seems then-Mayor Daley's staff knew the parking meter deal it had foisted on the city was a rotting pile of garbage. More specifically, emails obtained by the Sun-Times Watchdogs showed a flurry of angry emails between City Hall -- first Daley's administration, then Rahm's -- and Chicago Parking Meters LLC about the hit the city and its taxpayers would take over disability parking. Still, it would take from May 2010 -- the second year of the deal and when the issue was first noted -- until December 2011 -- when Rahm was in office -- for the issue to become public, yet another surprise punch in the face for city residents. The kicker: The city finally released the documents to the Sun-Times yesterday under cover of the CPS closings. [Sun-Times]

A day after the White House acknowledged the deaths of four American citizens due to drones, President Obama delivered a major speech outlining changes to come to the country's national security and counter-terrorism policies. [WaPo]

Last gasp to prevent school closures
Teachers and parents who opposed the Board of Education and Mayor Emanuel's controversial mass closing of CPS schools will have one last chance to stop the closures at a four-day hearing to be held in July. [Sun-Times]

Boy Scouts vote on gay ban
The Boy Scouts of America will vote today on whether to lift the ban on gay scouts. [Tribune]

New AG
The Chicago area is one step closer to a new Attorney General thanks to the nomination of Zachary Fardon, who doesn't look anything like actor Aaron Eckhart. [Sun-Times]

Swedish riots
Oh, by the way, there have been riots in Sweden all week. [The Guardian]

Chicago experiences shrinkage
Despite gaining 10,000 residents from July 2011 to July 2012, Chicago's overall growth has slowed dramatically. [Sun-Times]

Space cadet
Proving there is justice in the world, the Florida teen who had the law crack down on her when a science experiment in class went wrong has had the charges against her dropped and has been given a free trip to Space Camp by a retired astronaut. [ABC News]

Trump card
A jury found in favor of emotional black hole and real estate mogul Donald Trump in the lawsuit filed by a former Trump Tower condo owner. [Sun-Times]

Protecting legacies
Congress has passed a bill that punishes those found lying about military medals -- so your beer-soaked humblebrags to the nice lady at the bar just got more boring. [TPM]

O'Hare and Midway are finally emerging from the Stone Age and offering free WiFi. Except said free service will be extremely limited and you'll still have to pay several bucks an hour just to check in at the airport on Facebook from your laptop. [Sun-Times]

Pritzker pocket change
Looks like Penny Pritzker forgot about that extra $80 million she had just sitting around. Doesn't matter, as she's very likely headed toward an approval anyway. [Sweet, Sun-Times]

Bitter Gone Wild
Joe Francis apologized for saying the jurors who convicted him "should be lined up and shot," which is surprising because you'd think the guy who created "Girls Gone Wild" and was just convicted of imprisoning three women at his house would always take the high road. [L.A. Times]

Space smash
Look at this picture of two giant galaxies and realize that your train being packed means nothing in the grand scheme of things. [The Verge]

Zen Master on D-Rose: Be cool
Even Phil Jackson has weighed in on Derrick Rose -- because it matters less now than ever. [ESPN]

The Blackhawks face a must-win in Detroit tonight, and we celebrate their ability to make that comeback happen. [Sun-Times, ChicagoSide]

The Bright One
After yesterday's Board of Education farce, Mark Brown revisits his feelings on an appointed school board versus an elected one and finds he's had a change of heart. [column, video]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
This guy's life-size X-Wing built out of LEGOs is better than anything you've ever built out of LEGOs. [Gizmodo]

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