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The Evening Rush for Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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The must-read news stories for April 3, 2013

Jessica Koscielniak/Sun-Times

CPS on the defensive
In the first CPS board meeting since the announcement that 54 schools would be closed, CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett presented her plan, defended it, and took issue with the accusations of underlying racism in the school closures, saying she was insulted "as a woman of color." Despite an often-raucous crowd and constant challenges from parents, Byrd-Bennett refused to back down from her plan, saying she has no time for adults who use the "excuse of gangs to keep children trapped in failing schools." That said, when one union official was asked what concessions they'd be willing to make to keep the schools open, there was no response. Lauren FitzPatrick has the full recap and more quotes at our website. [Sun-Times, Storify of board meeting coverage]

In praise of Ebert
Best wishes to longtime Sun-Times film critic -- and a man upon whom I cannot heap enough praise -- Roger Ebert, on his upcoming "leave of presence" due to a new battle with cancer. [Ebert, Sun-Times]

In response to North Korea's huffing and puffing, the United States is now moving some missile defense systems to Guam because things aren't stressful enough in the world already. [Tribune]

Strange plead
William Curl, accused of killing NIU student Antinette "Toni" Keller, entered an Alford plea -- pleading guilty even as he doesn't make an admission of guilt -- while his sister was led from the courtroom after a loud outburst urging her brother not to take the deal. [Sun-Times]

Pony up for power
Some suburbs are about to find out the downside of those new power deals they've struck: The cost of electricity is about to be more than it would have been under ComEd. [Crain's]

Tense situation
A man stormed into the Vernon Hills police department threatening officers in an apparent attempt to force police officers to kill him. [Sun-Times]

Texas DA murders
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is suggesting the Mexican drug cartels could also be behind the pair of district attorneys murdered in his state -- murders that some have suggested may have been perpetrated by members of the white supremacist group the Aryan Brotherhood. [Politico]

Still caught in a run-down
With no Wrigley deal in place yet, Ald. Tom Tunney is now throwing around the idea of free parking or a new parking garage as a means to get the talks going again. [Sun-Times]

Give a little bit
In a symbolic gesture to acknowledge the hard times many in the country are still going through and the sequester cuts, President Obama is giving 5 percent (about $20,000) back to the Treasury. [N.Y. Times]

Survival mode
A Utah mountain man who lived for 10 years off the land and things he stole from vacation cabins has finally been caught. [CBS News]

Bulldozing a legacy
A building that housed an apartment Ronald Reagan briefly lived in, located near the University of Chicago, is being bulldozed by the school, and people are kind of bummed about it even though they shouldn't be. [WBEZ, previously]

Artsy tumblr
Local artist Chris Ware has an awesome Tumblr featuring sketches and outtakes that's well worth checking out. [Tumblr, via Gapers Block]

Lolla la la
Want to go to Lollapalooza and don't have tickets? Too bad. [Lollapalooza]

Happy Anniversary!
Legendary Chicago radio station WVON is turning 50, so it's time to celebrate. [Sun-Times]

Second verse, same as the first
To the surprise of no one, NBC announced today that Jay Leno will be stepping down as host of the "Tonight Show" and be replaced by Jimmy Fallon. [L.A. Times]

Golden Domer
Sick of Manti Te'o, Bears fans? Well, Mel Kiper, Jr.'s projections show you'd better get used to seeing him. [Sun-Times]

North Side Blues
How bad, exactly, are the Cubs? Whet Moser thinks not that bad, I think they're on their way to 162-0. Meanwhile, they do succeed at one thing: giving money to political campaigns. [The 312, Chicagoist]

The Bright One
Neil Steinberg considers the new Fire Festival and whether the city will ever love it. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
An auction is selling off some amazing NASA/space memorabilia, such as Buzz Aldrin's toothbrush. In related news, my birthday is next week, so take the hint. [Gawker]

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