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The Evening Rush for Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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The must-read news stories for April 30, 2013.


More UNO trouble
The United Neighborhood Organization, the state's largest charter-school backer, is facing more trouble: Work will be halted on an under-construction charter high school on the Southwest Side since the state has cut off funding to the organization. The funding was cut off after evidence of insider shenanigans was uncovered by the Sun-Times. The new UNO Soccer Academy High School is under construction at 51st and St. Louis, next to the UNO Soccer Academy Elementary Charter School, which also was built with money from the state grant. The general contractor building the school (pictured above) notified UNO that construction would cease this afternoon, telling the Sun-Times that the organization is behind on payments. [Sun-Times]

Another false alarm
For the second straight day, a segment of the Mag Mile was closed due to a suspicious package that proved to be nothing to be worried about at all. [Sun-Times, Tribune, DNA Info]

Obama meets the press
On the 100th day of his second term, President Barack Obama took questions from the press for around an hour, discussing a wide swath of topics - Syria, gun control, Boston - and reiterating his pledge to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. [Sun-Times, Politico]

Try, try again
Mike Madigan has overhauled state Senate President John Cullerton's pension plan in an attempt to once again try to pass the bill. [Sun-Times Politics Blog]

Domino effect
How does one school closing directly affect several other schools? WBEZ explores. [WBEZ]

Game on
After much controversy and discussion, Payton Prep and Brooks Prep will make up their forfeited game from this past weekend. [Sun-Times]

No charges
No charges will be filed in this month's deadly Lake County crash involving a school bus. [Tribune]

Strange weapon
Three girls have been charged with armed robbery after beating their victim with a bottle of ketchup. [Sun-Times]

Taste's tunes
The local band lineup for this year's Taste of Chicago has been unveiled. [Sun-Times]

Everyone's a critic
Apparently, inmates don't give their prisons good reviews on Yelp. [The Daily Mail]

What is the Midwest, really?
Is it a geographical location? Is it a state of mind? Whatever it is, one mapping study found that Illinois is at the Midwest's center. [Radical Cartography via The Reader]

Staying put
In a surprise (but sorta not really) move, an NBA committee rejected the Sacramento Kings' application to relocate to Seattle. Some speculate was just the NBA using the threat of a move to force the city of Sacramento to pony up on a new arena. Either way, the NBA has once again found a way to obliterate the hopes of Seattle, which deserves an NBA franchise. [, Deadspin]

Here come the 'Hawks
The Blackhawks drop the puck on the NHL playoffs tonight to begin their quest for their second Stanley Cup in four seasons, and Mark Lazerus breaks down the three keys to their first round match-up with Minnesota. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One
Speaking of the NHL playoffs, we've got you completely covered. In addition to the above link, our Sport app has a free playoff preview and we'll be live-blogging every single Blackhawks playoff game. [Sport app, Stanley Cup playoffs live blog]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
A former University of Wisconsin-Green Bay basketball player went public with accusations against his coach that, if true, take player-coach relations to a new low. [Sun-Times]

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