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The Evening Rush for Thursday, April 18, 2013

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The must-read news stories for April 18, 2013.

Robbins firefighters rescue two people from flooded homes in the 13900 block of South Albany on Wednesday. // Scott Stewart / Sun-Times

Chicago area soaked with significant flooding
Unrelenting rains from overnight and into this morning caused significant flooding across the area -- and the rain's not done yet. Be sure to check out our interactive map for the latest updates in your area. Flooding conditions caused major delays for Metra, the CTA and drivers today as sections of the Eisenhower, Edens and Dan Ryan were underwater. The city's 109-mile deep tunnel system is already full and more rain is on the way. In some parts of the city, water came shooting out of manholes and sewers back into the streets. Gov. Pat Quinn declared a state of emergency for the area after five inches of rain fell at O'Hare. Chicago River locks were opened to re-reverse the river and channel water into Lake Michigan. Schools and courthouses throughout the area were closed as a result of the deluge and flood warnings issued; a Flash Flood warning remains in effect until 8 pm tonight. [Sun-Times, Deep Tunnel, Photos, Storify, Chicagoist, Chicago Mag]

Obama honors Boston victims, authorities ID suspects
• It was a relatively calmer -- and somber -- day in Boston today as President Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech at an interfaith memorial service dedicated to the victims of the bombing. [Sun-Times, full video of the speech]
• The speech came on the heels of a confusing Wednesday in which conflicting media reports claimed a suspect had been arrested or had simply been identified, depending on if you were watching CNN or not. (CNN also called the suspect a "dark-skinned" individual.) What we do know now is that authorities do have clear video of two men they consider potential suspects and an image of the suspects could be released later today, possibly at an early evening FBI press conference. []
• Meanwhile, the wild confusion over the suspect's identity led the N.Y. Post to make a huge misstep when they pasted the image of two bystanders on their front page, declaring the pair suspects despite the fact that the two are not in any way suspected of involvement. This even after the FBI called for the media to be careful in what they report. [Deadspin, FBI statement]

Recovery in Texas
Recovery and rescue efforts continue in the town of West, Texas, after last night's powerful explosion at a fertilizer plant. While there has been no official tally of deaths announced, estimates are as many as 15 with more than 160 injured. [Dallas Morning News]

Ricin suspect charged
At this point in a long week, the fact that an Elvis impersonator has been charged with sending the letters tainted with ricin to a U.S. senator and President Obama makes sense, actually. [Sun-Times]

Gun bill shot down
The U.S. Senate yesterday failed to reach the necessary 60 votes to approve key amendments to a proposed gun bill, resulting in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shelving the bill altogether. Both President Obama and Mayor Rahm Emanuel lashed out at the Senate after the vote. [CNN, Sun-Times, CBS 2]

Embattled Congress
While the nation's Congress faces criticism over the gun bill, the Congress Theater in Chicago is also facing trouble as the City of Chicago has ruled it will allow the venue to stay open -- for now -- but with serious restrictions. [Sun-Times]

Quick draw
A retired Chicago Police officer shot himself in the leg when a gun he was carrying accidentally went off while the man was attending his grandson's Boy Scout meeting in Des Plaines because guns are totally not a safety hazard at all. [Daily Herald]

Holding steady
The state's unemployment rate held steady for the month of March at 9.5 percent. [Crain's]

Cutting to the chase
The trial began yesterday in the case of a California woman accused of severing her husband's penis after an argument in 2011. [L.A. Times]

Trashing the Machine
Here's an explainer of how Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new trash pickup plan killed the last remnant of the old Machine. [WBEZ]

RSD 2013
Record Store Day is just two days away (Saturday, April 20) so it's time to plan out your purchases. [The Reader]

MJ conspiracy?
Remember Michael Jordan's legendary "flu game"? According to the team's former trainer, it was actually due to food poisoning, possibly at the hands of Utah Jazz fans. [Sun-Times]

Playoff bound
The Bulls have booked their ticket to the playoffs as the Eastern Conference's fifth seed, facing off against the Brooklyn Nets. [ESPN]

The Bright One
Our Watchdogs weigh in with the latest on the Koschman-Vanecko case craziness, now that the newest presiding judge is being looked at by a judicial inquiry board. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
The best takedown of CNN's clustermess of coverage yesterday regarding the Boston suspect is by, of course, Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. [The Daily Show]

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