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The Evening Rush for Monday, April 29, 2010

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The must-read news stories for April 29, 2013


Settlement reached, but parking meter deal still stinks
Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a settlement between the City and the company currently leasing the city's parking meters that will settle up accounts the city owes and tweaks the deal so ther's free Sunday parking for neighborhoods south of Roosevelt, west of Halsted and north of North Avenue. The leasing company previously demanded $61 million, a number rebuked by the City. Yet today, the city agreed to pay the leasing company $63 million, though Mayor Emanuel insists he's saved residents $1 billion. Technically this is true, because the leasing company won't make similar reimbursement claims over the remaining 71 years (yes, 71) of the contract. But keep in mind that studies following the deal showed that the city leased the meters for at least a billion dollars less than it could have. And, of course, it still doesn't undo the original, horrifying deal cooked up by Mayor Daley and OK'd by a rubber stamp City Council that had only five members willing to say no. The deal stank then and it still stinks now. Who knows how bad it'll be once it festers for the next seven decades and is finally completed over seven decades from now when our great-grandchildren are cruising around in flying cars anyway. [Sun-Times, Previously, The Reader]

Historic moment
It was a landmark day as the Washington Wizards' Jason Collins became the first active (i.e., not retired) major professional U.S. athlete to announce he is gay, a monumental step in terms of sports' relationship with the ongoing evolution of this particular civil rights movement. [Sports Illustrated]

Fear of trash
Pedestrian traffic over the Michigan Avenue bridge was shut down and a portion of the River Walk closed while authorities investigated a "suspicious" package that turned out to be a plastic bottle labeled "liquid fire." [Sun-Times]

Explosion rocks Prague
An explosion in downtown Prague -- apparently caused by gas -- injured dozens earlier this morning. [Reuters]

Watchdogs on the lottery
The Sun-Times Watchdogs look at how a feud over the state's lottery has turned up the scrutiny of one state official. [Sun-Times]

Syrian instability
More trouble in Syria where the country's president narrowly avoided an assassination attempt and land-to-air missiles were allegedly fired at a Russian passenger plane that was flying over the embattled country. [N.Y. Times, RT]

The former head of the Crestwood Water Dept. has been found guilty on all 11 counts of lying to investigators about mixing tainted water into the town's water supply. [Sun-Times]

Chicago in song
Now even is writing songs about Chicago violence and referencing Chief Keef. [Gapers Block]

Payton Prep controversy
The brouhaha over a high school baseball game forfeiture continues as the principal of Payton Prep argued the forfeit was due to logistical issues and not parental fears of violence. [Sun-Times]

A mother in Michigan wants to ban a book for an offensive, "pornographic" passage. The book? Anne Frank's diary. [Gawker]

The Twinkie rises
Hostess is making a return, and one of the bakeries will be in Schiller Park. [WBEZ]

Check your head
The remaining Beastie Boys -- Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz -- are signed to release a memoir of the group in 2015, which has only served to remind me how much I still miss Ad-Rock. [A.V. Club]

Hawks ready for playoffs
The NHL playoffs get under way tomorrow, and the puck drops on the Blackhawks-Wild series, though the 'Hawks will be without Bolland and Emery. []

Bulls bummer
Kirk Hinrich is out of tonight's Game Five in the Nets-Bulls series due to a banged-up left calf, but no one has confirmed whether or not Nate Robinson would attempt to heal him, because that's the kind of thing Nate seems capable of now. [ESPN]

The Bright One
Rick Morrissey weighs in on the gay pro athlete topic following the aforementioned Jason Collins story. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Today is the 30th anniversary of Lee Elia's legendary rant about Cubs fans. In honor of the day, we looked back at our favorite coach rants of all time. [Sun-Times]

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