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The Evening Rush for Monday, April 22, 2013

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The must-read news stories for April 22, 2013

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Boston suspect charged
While still confined to a hospital bed, Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arraigned today on charges of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property resulting in death (charges which could carry a sentence of the death penalty). He's also still likely to face murder charges connected to death of an MIT police officer shot to death during Thursday night's rampage. Meanwhile, the White House announced that Tsarnaev would not be tried as an enemy combatant. And as the healing continued in Boston, the New York Times ran a terrific feature in which they talked to 19 runners who crossed the finish line just as the bombs exploded. [Sun-Times, N.Y. Times]

Canadian Terror Plot
But even as we begin to heal from Boston, an arrest in Canada on a terror plot charge jolts us back to reality. [CBC]

Working hard or hardly working?
There's now an investigation going on in Harvey to look into how hard, exactly, Louis Farrakhan's son Mustapha has been working for the town's police department seeing as how he hasn't worked a shift in four years. [Sun-Times]

Updating the city
Mayor Emanuel has said after last week's events in Boston, he's going to review the city's emergency plan. [NBC 5]

Politics, strange bedfellows, etc.
Of all the politicians who you'd think would hang out with Rep. Luis Gutierrez and talk about fixing the nation's "broken" immigration system, Paul Ryan is pretty low on the list. [Sun-Times]

Lone Star visit
Contrary to paranoid rantings across the extreme right-wing blogosphere, President and Mrs. Obama are making the trip to Thursday's memorial for victims of the West, Texas, plant explosion. [Houston Chronicle]

Cattle rustlin'
You'd think a guy from Texas would know it's not very gentlemanly to go into another man's backyard and steel his hardworking cattle. Not that Mayor Emanuel is particularly worried about Gov. Perry's visit. [Sun-Times]

CHA has revealed plans for the next stage of public housing redevelopment. [WBEZ]

Koch Bros. seeking Trib?
The latest rumors around those whirling dervishes known as the Koch brothers is that their play for the Tribune Company newspapers is one to be taken seriously. [NY Times]

Boring rerun
Oh, an out-of-touch former New Yorker writing for the New York Times slammed Chicago while making erroneous claims? Yawn. Rachel Shteir puts ketchup on her hot dogs, so there. [Crain's]

Spicy danger
Another reason to never try the "cinnamon challenge"? Someone linked it to lung cancer. [Gawker]

Former Whitney Young standout Tommy Hamilton is heading to DePaul. [Tribune]

The Sveum Inquisition
No one is safe from the Dale Sveum Inquisition, especially not Castro or Rizzo. [Sun-Times]

In Noah condition to play?
Joakim Noah on his odds of playing in Game 2 of the Bulls-Nets playoff series? Eh. [ESPN]

The Bright One
The Watchdogs take a deeper look into more shenanigans at UNO and insider payouts. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
In case you ever wanted to know how a wet towel behaved in space, now you know! [NPR]

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