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The Evening Rush for Friday, April 26, 2013

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The must-read news stories for April 26, 2013.

NFL scouts and others watch as Kyle Long performs a standing long jump during NFL football pro day at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Ore., on March 14. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Draft fallut
So the Bears shocked everyone by picking up Oregon's Kyle Long with their first pick in the NFL draft. The pick was not exactly popular with fans, though to talk to the team, they've been planning this crazy scheme all along. Adding a level of "whoa" to the pick is the fact that Long, who previously played baseball at Florida State, was a draft pick in 2008 by the White Sox but, obviously, never played for them. Still, at least it's not the storm of absurd chaos that would have ensued had they picked Manti Te'o, so at least they have that going for them. [Sun-Times, Q & A with Kyle Long, Storify]

Red light camera shuffle
In an effort to get out of its deal with the embattled red light camera vendor, the City of Chicago is actually extending the contract in a gymnastics maneuver that will, hopefully, pan out. [Sun-Times]

FAA furloughs done
Cutting funding to programs that affect the elderly and children is still OK to Congress and the White House, but they'll be damned if they have to put up with a delayed flight. [N.Y. Times]

Rescue efforts in Bangladesh
Dozens more were rescued from the collapsed building in Bangladesh, which has claimed the lives of more than 300. [CNN]

Day 2
For the second day, Jacob Nodarse, the gunman in the Darien triple murder, testified about the shooting and defendant Johnny Borizov's role. [Sun-Times]

Catching up
The Boston Globe finally caught up with the carjacking victim who was taken for a short ride by the Boston bombing suspects last Thursday night, just as their last-gasp violence spree was getting under way. [Boston Globe]

Check up
The feds might bring in their own doctors/experts to examine Jesse Jackson Jr. regarding his bipolar disorder before his sentencing. [Sun-Times]

Today is the 67th anniversary of one of the state's worst train wrecks ever. [Chicago mag]

RIP, Possum
Country music legend George Jones has died at the age of 81. [Sun-Times]

The remains of a Japanese boat that's washed ashore in California has been confirmed as the state's first instance of debris from the 2011 tsunami. [L.A. Times]

Hot and bothered
The earth's core is way, way hotter than anyone previously thought. [BBC]

In trouble again
Former hoops standout Jereme Richmond is back in hot water after allegedly threatening his probation officer. [Sun-Times]

Classy Cutler
That Jay, always knows the right thing to say to a lady. [Sun-Times]

Upper hand
The Bulls have taken a 2-1 series lead over the Brooklyn Nets after grinding out another victory last night. [ESPN]

Hawk's folly
Hawk Harrelson will never accept the importance of sabermetrics in baseball because fans can believe hokey sayings more than you can believe statistics. [Chicagoist]

The Bright One
The Sun-Times' arts & entertainment staff is posting lots of great stuff every day over at their blog, The Daily Sizzle.

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
The White House is now on Tumblr and promises GIFs, but how many will have cats doing silly things? [The Verge]

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