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The Evening Rush for Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 6, 2013: Blackhawks bandwagon, Canadian hurbis, and (more) CTA news

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Blackhawks Bandwagon
In case you missed it -- and how could you? -- the Blackhawks' season-opening points streak has hit 23 games after last night's win over Minnesota, and now the Colorado Avalanche roll in tonight. But is there too much of a good thing? One downside of the streak is that the bandwagon is getting awfully full again; all of those who broke their ankles jumping off after the 2010 Stanley Cup win have healed and climbed back aboard. There are lots of new, crisp Kane jerseys, bros pronouncing "Toews" as "toes," and tickets -- even standing-room on StubHub -- have spiked in price. I'm all for supporting local teams, but beware being crushed in the stampede to the Bulls once the Blackhawks lose a game (by NHL points rules, anyway) and D-Rose returns to the Bulls. [Sun-Times, ESPN]

Whoa, Canada
Toronto took a page out of the Chicago Machine's playbook and found a magical 100,000 people to allegedly surpass Chicago in terms of population. You can't fool us -- we wrote the book on making up numbers, Canadians, so Neil Steinberg takes umbrage with your claim. [CBS 2, Sun-Times]

The CTA is planning on enlarging its program to hire ex-offenders to help clean CTA buses and trains --  a win-win. [Sun-Times]

However, this being the CTA, for everything they do right, there is something stupid. Such as Forrest Claypool following up on the news about the future $3 CTA ride with the claim that it's "voluntary." Well, voluntary if you choose not to use the new Ventra system, which will replace the current Chicago Card program and require a monthly $5 charge after 18 months if you don't want to use Ventra. So in a very basic sense, yes, it is voluntary, but only in the way that the choices are: Use Ventra, buy those multi-day passes that the CTA just hiked prices for, or, you know, pay the extra fees. [RedEye]

Warrant for Finkl
A judge has issued an arrest warrant for steel-company heir James B. Finkl, connected to a previous gun charge. [Sun-Times]

The FBI conducted a search of the NIU police station for an unnamed "ongoing investigation." [Sun-Times]

What Ailes you
Fox News chief Roger Ailes says in a new book of President Obama: "How often does he play basketball and golf? I wish I had that kind of time. He's lazy, but the media won't report that." Besides being not true, Ailes also left out the context of comparing Obama to his predecessor. [Vanity Fair, Hawaii News, CBS News]

Springfield budget bonanza
Gov. Quinn has proposed his new budget, where he says $1 out of every $5 will be spent on pensions, and has called it "the most difficult budget I have ever submitted." [Sun-Times]

RIP to Uptown rocker Dan Stock. [DNA Info]

WIND-y Walsh
Ex-congressman Joe Walsh is heading to WIND-AM as a talk show host, filling the void of conservative white men whining on talk radio. [TimeOut Chicago]

The Reader's Michael Miner has a great look at a story of how Loyola of Chicago took part in a historic moment for college basketball. [The Reader]

The Bright One
Could the 2013 Cubs be even worse than the 2012 Cubs? (Spoiler alert: Jeff Samardzija is the Opening Day starter, so, yes.) [ChicagoSide]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays from snow; Plow tracker

And finally
You say "Lego spill," I say "greatest playground ever." [CNET]

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