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The Evening Rush for Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 19, 2013: Remembering Jonylah, Time Out Chicago's digital shift, and the Iraq War 10 years later

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Remembering Jonylah
Jonylah Watkins, the 6-month-old girl shot and killed last week during a gang-related incident in which her father was the intended target, was laid to rest today in a heartbreaking scene. [Sun-Times, Storify]

Stop the presses. Literally.
Sources have confirmed to the Sun-Times that Time Out Chicago is ceasing print operations and going digital-only. [Sun-Times]

Dems fire blanks on weapons ban
Senate Democrats will drop a proposed ban on assault weapons from the gun bill that will be debated next month. Leaders in support of the bill were afraid it would kill the entire bill, so they've chosen to vote on the ban as an amendment to the bill so it can be humanely killed without taking down the rest of the legislation. [Sun-Times]

Deadly explosion
An explosion/training accident involving mortar in Nevada killed seven marines from a North Carolina unit. [Assoc. Press]

Freeing information
The president of MIT has announced the school will make public documents connected to the prosecution of hacker Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide earlier this year. Swartz was the target of an overly aggressive federal prosecution connected to illegally downloading and sharing documents. [Sun-Times]

Twinkies live!
A judge has OK'd the sale of select Hostess brands -- including Twinkies -- meaning the spongy cake snack could be back on shelves soon, making Americans fat again. [Tribune]

Rose-y pitch for Cubs
The mayor of Rosemont wants to lure the Cubs out to the 'burbs to play in a replica of Wrigley Field. New location, new stadium, same underperforming team. [Sun-Times]

Worst person
The Ohio teen convicted of killing three students in a school shooting showed up to his sentencing hearing wearing a shirt that said "KILLER" and flipped off the judge and victims' families. [Reuters]

Shocking behavior
Singer Michelle Shocked went on an anti-gay tirade during a San Francisco show, and the reaction has been swift; her upcoming Evanston Space show has already been canceled by the venue. [Sun-Times]

Iraq, 10 years later
Marking the 10th anniversary of the clustermess that was the second Iraq War. [Buzzfeed]

Blanding the bland
Northerly Island could become a new Ravinia-in-the-city. [ChuffPo]

Stop with Chi-rish
No, you are not Irish, and you should really stop claiming that heritage on just one day of the year as an excuse to drink and then puke up green beer even if you are. [Chicago Mag]

Payback's a rainbow
Opponents of the Westboro Baptist Church who happen to live next to the controversial church have come up with a brilliant, color-filled way to stick it to the haters. [Talking Points Memo]

Load of Bull
Still miffed about the controversial calls that cost the Bulls a win against Denver? You'll be even madder when you read how the refs made the right call but still screwed the Bulls over. [Deadspin]

DePaul DeNies UC
The United Center is no longer a suitor of DePaul Blue Demons basketball. [Sun-Times]

Not so fast
The Dallas Cowboys are pretty "meh" on Urlacher. [CBS 2]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Everyone knows you can get in trouble for yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded room, but you can also face punishment for doing the same thing with the word "Bingo!" []

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