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The Evening Rush for Monday, March 4, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 4, 2013: CPD's new approach, curing HIV, and dogs and their guns

Photo by Scott Stewart/Sun-Times

CPD's new "hot zone" approach
After murders in the city saw a sharp drop in February -- compared to both February 2012 and the months leading up to February 2013 -- our Frank Main got the inside scoop from the man at the center of the city's problem, CPD Supt. Garry McCarthy. According to McCarthy, a big reason murders dropped so sharply was a new tactic that involves hiring officers on overtime to work in 10 "hot zones" across the city. A much colder and snowier February than last year likely also played a role, and whether there's enough money to continue this approach while trying to hire more officers is a point that needs to be studied carefully. But at least there's finally good news to report on the city's battle against violence. [Sun-Times]

Mother Nature's catch-up
For a winter that started off so paltry, the back half has been pretty snow-filled, and it looks like that pattern will continue. A storm that will sweep through the area starting tonight could leave as much as 8 to 10 inches in areas before all is said and done, meaning there's no excuse not to build grotesque snowmen. [Sun-Times, Calvin & Hobbes]

Curing the pandemic?
At a conference over the weekend, scientists revealed they believe they have cured a Mississippi toddler born with HIV. If true, it's one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in history. Now, if we can only get someone on developing a cap that catches the water that accumulates in ketchup and mustard bottles. [NPR]

Feeling Brown
Happy Birthday to Chicago and happy Casmir Pulaski Day! For this special occasion, Brown Line riders, the CTA has made your commute suck for the next week. [YouTube, Sun-Times, Time-lapse video]

Seeing Maroon
Members of the University of Chicago community are upset over reports that U. of C. police infiltrated a recent protest with undercover officers to get the lowdown on protesters plans. [Gapers Block, Chicago Maroon]

Gas bonanza
Stop me if you've heard this before: Gas prices in Illinois are at record highs. [Tribune]

Chalk it up to bad decisions
"I will not write gun threats on the chalkboard." "I will not write gun threats on the chalkboard." "I will not write gun threats on the chalkboard." [ABC 7]

Tribune tattle
No, Warren Buffet will not be buying the Tribune. Instead, Mr. Buffet, let me ask you to make a charitable donation to the "help me pay my college loans" fund. [ChuffPo]

No one's salvation
First there were the pigeons. Now there's the Salvation Army and Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown. It's the next great round in Ald. James Cappleman's strange civic battles! [Sun-Times]

Indie excellence
The Pitchfork Music Fest has announced more acts for its upcoming 2013 fest in Chicago's Union Park this July -- El-P! Swans! Killer Mike! -- and the lineup is even stronger. [A.V. Club]

She was saying "Boourns!"
The Who's Pete Townshend is apologizing to a 7-year-old after he swore at the girl and her father for waving a sign at a recent concert. If it makes you feel any better, Pete, I got in trouble for hustling an 8-year-old girl at Monopoly recently. I feel ya, man. [The Guardian]

Wait till next... ah, forget it
Jeff Samardzija is the Cubs' Opening Day starter. On a related note, I'm really looking forward to watching the 2015 Cubs. [ESPN]

Spare Jordan?
Michael Jordan is fighting back against a paternity suit filed last week, asking a Georgia court to dismiss the matter. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One
The Watchdogs are a tenacious bunch -- as if you didn't know that by now -- and today Tim Novak has a report on a fight over a nearly $45,000 bill for which a Chicago law firm wants taxpayers to pony up. The kicker: The bill is for email searches related to an investment firm tied to Patrick Daley, son of former mayor Richard M. Daley. [Sun-Times]

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And finally
"It was on that cold day in Massachusetts that the Great Dog Uprising began. It was a day that lives in infamy for cats everywhere." [Yahoo News]

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