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The Evening Rush for Monday, March 18, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 18, 2013: Hillary's gay marriage support | Is Obama the Devil? | RIP Jason Molina


Run for the Hills
Hillary Clinton came out today in support of gay marriage, which, you know, yay! And it comes at a crucial time for her native state of Illinois, which is still dragging its feet toward passing (or not) its own gay marriage bill. Meanwhile, the support comes at a time when support for gay marriage across the nation has never been higher. And, perhaps more politically convenient, it gives a new surge of momentum to rumors Clinton may run for president in 2016 just as conservatives spent the last few days posturing for the election cycles ahead at CPAC. [Sun-Times, Video, ChiMag, The Atlantic]

Still Chicago, still violent
Two people were killed and fifteen injured over the cold weekend in the city. Meanwhile, Frank Main reports on the upcoming sentencing of Rashod "Fat Man" Bethany, an enforcer for the notorious "Killing Crew" that had a strict no-snitch code. [Sun-Times; Main]

Elgin charges
Elgin police have announced murder charges against Paul Johnson, accused of breaking into the house of his neighbor, Lisa Koziol-Ellis, and stabbing her to death. [ABC 7]

Strange happenings at UCF
Authorities are still investigating the apparent suicide of a student at the University of Central Florida who seemed to have been planning an explosive attack on the school. [NPR]

You know the charges against you are bad when the former thorn in ex-Mayor Daley's side is hired to investigate you. Which is what is happening to Joe "Family Man" Berrios. Former Chicago inspector general David Hoffman has been appointed by a judge to investigate Berrios' actions. [Sun-Times]

Obama The Devil
According to some people, the depiction of Satan in History Channel's miniseries The Bible has a strong resemblance to President Obama, fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the Tea Party, who are the most likely viewers of the miniseries anyway, since it dovetails so nicely with the channel's other programming of alien conspiracy shows. [A.V. Club]

Steubenville fallout
Two high school students were convicted yesterday of rape in Steubenville, Ohio, a case that caught national attention due to the behavior of the boys who sent photos of the girl passed out naked to friends. But just as the trial has wound down, now comes criticism of the way the media handled the case, from CNN's questionable sympathy toward the perps to Fox News naming the 16-year-old victim. [Jezebel, Gawker]

Aldermanic shenanigans
More City Council committees are now using the 2015 ward map even though the most recent aldermanic elections (2011) were done using the boundaries created in 2001, creating confusion and anger, which is really just another day in the Chicago City Council. [Sun-Times]

• Brilliant singer-songwriter Jason Molina (Songs: "Ohia," "Magnolia Electric Co."), and a former Chicago resident, died this weekend in Indianapolis from what friends describe as "a body that had been drowned in alcohol for years on end." [The Reader]
• Rob Komosa, paralyzed 13 years ago during a football game, died from respiratory complications over the weekend. [CBS 2]
• Ruth Ann Steinhagen, the crazed Cubs fan who shot a player and inspired the movie "The Natural," died last December but her death has just been announced. [MLB]

The prestige
Chicago is repped well in this year's batch of James Beard Award finalists, but I still refuse to acknowledge any food awards that don't honor the greatness of Popeye's Chicken. [Eater Chicago]

More than meets the eye
Michael Bay's fetish for destroying the city of Chicago with giant fake robots will soon continue. [Gapers Block]

Science is amazing/scary
"The sun is a mass of incandescent gas / A gigantic nuclear furnace / Where hydrogen is built into helium / At a temperature of millions of degrees." And could kill us all and wreak havoc on our society. [NY Times, YouTube]

No Heir Jordan
The Atlanta woman who had originally filed a paternity suit against Michael Jordan has now withdrawn said suit. [Sun-Times]

Rose Watch
No, Derrick Rose is not playing tonight. Stop asking. However, Taj Gibson could be coming back soon. [ESPN]

Brawl game
The Rockford IceHogs and the Chicago Wolves went all "Slap Shot" on each other at the end of a game over the weekend. [Deadspin]

Can't win, don't try
No, your bracket will not be perfect, so says science. [DNA Info]

The Bright One
Sun-Times music critic Thomas Conner is fresh and rested after another marathon SXSW. You can catch up on all his coverage from the fest. [ST at SXSW]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Now Truthers have ruined Star Wars, too. [Slate]

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