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The Evening Rush for Friday, March 8, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 8, 2013: Wrigley slap fight, gay marriage battle and actual D-Rose news

The beautiful landscape around Wrigley Field // Photo by John White/Sun-Times

Wrigley slap fight drags on
After the Cubs tried to sweeten the deal for the city so they could get the OK to go forward with renovations of Wrigley Field and its surrounding area, Ald. Tom Tunney put down his Ann Sather's cinnamon roll and dug in his heels. Tunney told the press that there was no way he'd OK the renovations unless the team submitted to his demands (which involve parking and police). The slap fight got both sides called to the the principal's office as Mayor Rahm Emanuel has attempted to fix the feud so that another construction doesn't come and go with no work done. Meanwhile, when off-the-field matters trump anything happening on the field (even during spring training), it's usually not a harbinger of good things for the season ahead. [Sun-Times]

UNO's union U-turn
After a series of investigations by the Sun-Times uncovered shenanigans afoot at the United Neighborhood Organization, one of the city's largest charter schools operator, it will now allow its teachers to join unions. [Sun-Times]

The school bus scrap
Eight school buses were stolen on the South Side and rendered into a two-story pile of scrap overnight, marking the greatest senior prank ever or the weirdest crime in a while. [Tribune]

Gun legislation moves forward
The gun bill introduced by Sens. Kirk and Durbin - and named after Hadiya Pendleton - has passed committee; it aims to go after straw purchasers of guns. [Sun-Times]

Unemployment rate ticks down
The U.S. unemployment rate has dipped to 7.7 percent, its lowest point since December 2008, though skeptics note that the workforce has also contracted. Still, some experts are taking the glass-half-full approach, saying that the rate could dip below 7 percent by the end of the year. [NY Times]

Remembering Fukushima
Monday will mark the two-year anniversary of the deadly earthquake/tsunami that struck Japan, and NBC got a rare glimpse inside the Fukushima nuclear power plant. [MSNBC]

CPS snips budget
CPS did some trimming to its upcoming 2014 budget and managed to cut $17 million. [Sun-Times]

Tracking gay marriage in Illinois
The bill to legalize gay marriage could be voted on by the state House - the last hurdle for the bill as Gov. Pat Quinn has said he will sign it into law - so it's time to see how state reps stack up on the issue. Adding to the fun is the division within the GOP over party leader Pat Brady's support of the bill. And some clergy leaders say any lawmaker who votes in favor of gay marriage will be banned from their church, because that's exactly what Jesus would have done, right? [WCT, WBEZ, WBEZ]

At least he didn't say "Rick James"
A teen has been accused of a carjacking during which he held a gun to the victim's head and said, "I'm Denzel Washington, bitch, now drive." No word if the accused carjacker was allegedly auditioning for a role in Training Day 2: Back In Training. [DNAInfo]

Stop Googling yourself
Besides being a little bit vain, you can't get mad about what Google search turns up when you Google yourself. So says the court, anyway, so don't get mad when that search links your name to herpes. [Reuters]

D-Rose developments
For once, a report on Derrick Rose actually advances the saga, sort of: The star has apparently been cleared to play but there's still no set date for his return meaning this story can continues to spin its wheel for at least another week. [Sun-Times]

ChicagoSide has a fantastic oral history of the Chicago Matadors. [ChicagoSide]

The Bright One
Thomas Frisbie, of the Sun-Times Editorial Board, runs down some of the ways the current debate over drones affects Illinois. [BackTalk, Editorial, Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
A church that looks like a chicken because it's Florida. [WPTV 5]

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