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The Evening Rush for Friday, March 22, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 22, 2013: CPS fallout, Prentice demolition approaches, and Ohio's groundhog battle

Parents protest the proposed school closures. | Charles Rex Arbogast~AP

CPS closure chaos fallout
The fallout continues from the whopper of an announcement by the Chicago Public Schools that they're recommending closure of 54 schools (and 61 buildings), affecting 30,000 students and 1,000 teachers. Mapping the schools recommended for closure shows most of the affected schools are concentrated in areas with higher poverty levels. Meanwhile, parents have been quick to show their anger at the decision; at a protest at Ryverson Elementary, parents pulled a fire alarm, according to While Mayor Emanuel remains on spring break vacation with his family in Utah, he'll be appearing alongside his brothers on a taped segment of the NBC show "Rock Center" tonight, the only thing we'll have heard from Emanuel since the news of the closures broke earlier this week. And, finally, Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell joins the vocal minority of residents who say the closures were a tough but correct decision. [Sun-Times, DNA Info, NBC 5, Mitchell]

CPS ripple effect
The CPS closures are being felt even beyond the city limits, out in Cook County. County Board President (and former alderman) Toni Preckwinkle takes umbrage with the mayor's decision on the schools, and it's enough to make Ben Joravsky think Preckwinkle could have her eye on Rahm's seat. [The Reader, Joravsky]

Macabre cop
A former Chicago Police officer already accused in one grisly kidnap-murder plot has been accused of a second plot. [Sun-Times]

Hard wage for rent
One recently released study shows that a minimum wage worker in Illinois has to work 82 hours to afford the average rent of an apartment. [Chicagoist]

State House shuffle
State Republicans are threatening to stop funding to "non-essential" services until the legislature can balance a budget. Meanwhile, a House committee has quashed a bill that would have limited high school and youth football leagues to just one full-contact practice a week in a move to help curb concussions. [Politics blog, Sun-Times]

More Marine tragedy
A marine at the Quantico base shot two other marines fatally before turning the gun on himself. [L.A. Times]

The FAA announced the closings of 149 air traffic control towers across the country due to the sequester cuts; impact regionally will be on Gary, Waukegan, and Kenosha. [Sun-Times]

Twists and turns
More twists and turns in the saga surrounding Sen. Robert Menendez and accusations that conservative news outlet The Daily Caller paid women to accuse Menendez of being involved with prostitutes. [The Atlantic]

Prepping Prentice
Northwestern University now has its permit for the demolition of Prentice Hospital and has already set up a fence around the property. [Grid]

Now that William Beavers is out as a Cook County Commissioner, the wheels are in motion to replace him. [Sun-Times, Politics Blog]

Literary legend Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian writer who's probably best known for the exquisite novel "Things Fall Apart" has died at the age of 82. [N.Y. Times]

Not In Our Backyard
Would-be neighbors to the proposed DePaul arena are already voicing their displeasure about the plans and vow to put up a fight. [Chi Real Estate]

Gill benched
CSN host Kendall Gill has been suspended for the rest of the year due to his fisticuffs with Tim Doyle. [Crain's]

Replacing Urlacher
While Urlacher expects to still play in 2013, it seems the Bears are moving on with one signing and targeting another potential linebacker. [ESPN, Sun-Times, Bears Blog]

Easy does it
Eastern Illinois RB Bobby Pettis is in big trouble after allegedly robbing a Jimmy John's delivery man at knifepoint, but judging by his mug shot, he's not too worried. [Deadspin]

The Bright One
With Congress approving a new Eisenhower monument, Neil Steinberg wonders where the monument madness will end. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Ohio is so upset about the lack of spring thus far, they've indicted Punxsutawney Phil and are seeking the death penalty. [WaPo]

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