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The Evening Rush for Friday, March 15, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 15, 2013: Blagojaversary, Jonylah Watkins developments, and CPS' bad TV deal

Blago bids adieu // AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File

Happy Blagojaversary
It's been a year since Rod Blagojevich entered prison in Colorado and so far most of Illinois has mercifully forgotten about the ex-gov. But he still exists to remind us of the endless corruption in our state. Meanwhile, Patti Blagojevich took to Facebook to lament Rod's absence: "A year ago today, Rod left for Denver. I cannot call it the one year anniversary as the word anniversary implies celebration and all that we have been left with is an aching hole in our lives." "We completely agree," said absolutely no one else. Maybe she can fill that aching hole with more reality TV show appearances. Or money. Or Cubs Zubaz pants (see further down). [Sun-Times, Sun-Times]

Things are getting interesting in the Jonylah Watkins murder case. Sources have told our Michael Sneed that the baby's father, Jonathan, who was injured in the shooting that killed his 6-month-old daughter and was the supposed target, is not cooperating with police and that he wasn't changing his daughter's diaper at the time of the shooting, as had previously been reported. Meanwhile, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco has dropped a new track written about and dedicated to Jonylah. [Sneed, Lupe's song]

Book ban
Confusion has reigned after reports that Marjane Satrapi's graphic autobiographical novel Persepolis was banned from Lane Tech High School. After a flurry of reports and back-tracks, it seems CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett thinks the book (which is outstanding and was turned into an Oscar-nominated animated film) is inappropriate to teach to seventh-graders as it had apparently been on the curriculum. [DNA Info]

Safety first
CPS is upping the security planned for the newly consolidated schools once it happens. [Sun-Times, Previously]

Perspective on violence
WBEZ's Natalie Moore brings a different perspective with an excellent take on what we mean when we say violence is "gang-related" and why it's misguided. [Ebony]

Bang the war drum slowly
After multiple threats from North Korea, the U.S. is responding by setting up more ground-based missile interceptors, likely to be stationed in Alaska. It may be a good time for The Onion to also apologize for that "sexiest man" article. [NBC News, The Onion]

Obama pays Argonne a visit
President Obama paid a visit to Argonne National Lab to promote a new alternative energy plan. Meanwhile, WBEZ examines the state's nuclear energy output, which is tops of any state in the nation. [Sun-Times, WBEZ]

Sad news for Chicago Bar-B-Q fans as the excellent Bucktown restaurant Lillie's Q suffered severe damage from an overnight fire and will be closed indefinitely. [Facebook]

Spotlight on Steubenville
The explosive trial of the alleged rape that's torn apart Steubenville, Ohio, has finally gotten under way. [The Atlantic, Jezebel]

Ring the Belle
Chicago indie pop duo Wild Belle are ready for their close-up. [Splash, YouTube]

Lost money
The CPS is leaving behind a lot of money when it can't afford to by allowing itself to be fleeced by ESPN on a current TV deal. [Grid]

Blackhawks back on track
Patrick Kane delivered the game-winner for the Blackhawks on Thursday, who snapped a two-game skid with a 2-1 win over Columbus. The team, which should be clinching a playoff berth any day now thanks to that ridiculously hot start, travels to Dallas for a game tomorrow. [Sun-Times]

The Cubs are celebrating a late-September game against the Pirates by giving out Cubs-themed Zubaz pants, guaranteeing that the bullpen won't be the worst thing in the stadium that day. [Cubs]

The Bright One
Coming off his eulogy for Google Reader, Andy Ihnatko turns to happier news in reviewing the new Samsung Galaxy S4. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Researchers claim that sex in space could lead to life-threatening illnesses. Thanks a lot, science. [Guardian]

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