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The Evening Rush for Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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The must-read news stories for March 20, 2013: Wrigley Field wrangling | CTA shenanigans | Obama's bracket

Tom Cruze/Sun-Times Photo

Wrigley wrangling
In the process of protecting rooftop owners from being blocked by outfield video screens at Wrigley Field, Ald. Tom Tunney suggested the Cubs tear down their iconic -- and preserved -- centerfield scoreboard and put the big Jumbotron there. Tunney, though, said the suggestion was to move the scoreboard to left field -- which would still block rooftop owners -- and put the Jumbotron in center though that all has been dismissed so . . . whatever. The team is still going to underwhelm and the rooftop owners will still make a boatload of money on drunk marketing guys having a bro outing on a Friday afternoon. [Sun-Times]

BBB: Students will benefit from school closings
CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett seems to have her math mixed up as she insists shifting students from schools that the CPS wants to close to other schools where they'll be stuffed into over-crowded classrooms - not to mention putting rival gang members next to each other - will actually benefit the kids. [FOX 32]

Over there
President Obama is visiting Israel for the first time in his presidency to cement his support to America's staunchest Mideast ally from threats, including a nuclear-saber rattling Iran. [N.Y. Times, Interactive map]

Pension reform actually passes!*
It took two tries, but the Illinois Senate passed Sen. President John Cullerton's pension bill. *Now onto the House, where trouble lurks . . . [Sun-Times, Politics blog]

More Ventra venting
I know it's a shock to hear the CTA is being accused of not being totally upfront, but that's what the RTA is saying over the lack of a debit option on the new fare card. In addition, there are a ton of new fees tucked away and hidden in the fine print, firming up the CTA's status as the evil genius transit authority which figures out how to squeeze blood from stones without directly raising fares. [Tribune, Tribune]

Law & Order
The defense for former Cook Co. Commissioner William "I'm the hog with the big nuts" Beavers rested its case in his tax fraud trial, but did so without calling Beavers to testify -- something the alleged "Seven Star" gambler claimed he would do. [Sun-Times]

Rubber stamp
The City Council remains a mayoral rubber stamp even under a new mayor, and we're all getting screwed because of it. Steve Rhodes digs deeper into the issue. [Chicago mag]

Roiling waters
Another big consequence of climate change: more local flooding. [WBEZ]

Food for thought
The Reader's Mick Dumke looks at a new approach to fighting the drug war on the hyperlocal front: open a new business. [The Reader]

Narrowing the field
The 17 finalists to host Check, Please! have been named, but I'm not on the list, so it is useless. [Sun-Times]

Commander in Brackets
President Obama is a front-runner when it comes to picking his NCAA bracket: he picked only three double-digit seeds to win and picked every 1-, 2-, and 3-seed to make the Sweet 16 (as well as three 4-seeds and one 5-seed.) [Chicagoist]

Playing the feud
CSN's Kendall Gill is on leave after an alleged dust-up with Big Ten Network's Tim Doyle in the CSN newsroom. [ESPN]

Facebook Like Belmont
Facebook presents a fascinating look at where fan bases are for the teams in this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament. [Deadspin]

The Bright One
Adam Jahns and Sean Jensen weigh the remaining free agent options for the Bears. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
What would a cartoon of the legendary comic strip Calvin & Hobbes look like? Why, like this. Probably. [Gawker]

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