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The Evening Rush for Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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The must-read news stories for February 26, 2013: Snow!, JJJ's replacement, and the post-Oprah landscape


AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

The world is a snow globe
Because Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor, she chose to wallop the city with what will likely turn out to be its biggest winter storm (thus far) this season just in time to completely snarl rush hour. Roads are already messy now and it's only going to keep falling as we move into night. As a lovely parting gift, a tad of additional snow could pile another inch on top tomorrow. And so begins another chance to see which of your neighbors you love and which you hate based solely on who shovels their sidewalk and who doesn't. [Sun-Times, National Weather Service, Photo gallery]

Commute alerts
Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays from snow; Plow tracker

Race To Replace JJJ
The biggest of the smattering of local races is the election to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. in the 2nd Congressional District. It's been an absurd campaign -- so many candidates, the Bloomberg SuperPAC -- which makes sense when you pair it with the surreal JJJ case. [Sun-Times]

"And up through the ground came a bubbling crude"
The trial against BP for liability in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has finally started. But don't worry, oil lovers! The company is still hugely profitable, meaning it's all totally cool and that wildlife and those wetlands are so easy to replace anyway, right? [BBC, NY Times]

Is that a gun in your bill or are you just excited to vote?
The "marathon series of votes" that will decide what kind of limits the state will place on concealed carry begins today in Springfield, and if gun supporters have their way, we'll be able to carry guns wherever we want because that's what's in the Second Amendment, which was written 221 years ago and hasn't been changed since, and now we can protect ourselves properly from the King of England and his soldiers. [Sun-Times]

Hagel is a go
Because there are more important things to focus on and the Senate finally realized that, the filibuster blocking Chuck Hagel's nomination for defense secretary has finally been broken and Hagel has been confirmed. [NY Times]

Boehner's potty mouth
And that more important business is sequestration which has apparently annoyed House Speaker John Boehner as much as it has everyone else. [Sun-Times]

Today is the 20th anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the first anniversary of Treyvon Martin's shooting death. [Gothamist, Sun-Times]

A state appellate court has ruled a realty company cannot learn the identity of a tenant who's criticizing the company on Yelp under an anonymous user name. Said the Internet, "LOL, ur 2 dum to figure out mah name. I can haz privacy? LULZ <3<3<3 #haterz" [DNA Info]

NPR looks at the talk-show landscape of Chicago in the post-Oprah void. [NPR]

A video of Derrick Rose dunking during practice over the weekend has become the Chicago sports scene's own Zapruder film. Should fans find hope in it or should they be skeptical? Whatever. [Sun-Times, NBC 5]

As the Worm turns...
"Only Rodman can go to North Korea" is the new "Only Nixon can go to China." [LA Times]

Gary, Indiana's Finest
Rapper and Gary, Ind. native Freddie Gibbs reminisces about the time another of the city's native musical sons -- Michael Jackson -- returned. [Pitchfork]

The Bright One
Mary Mitchell weighs in on the North Chicago Police Dept. brochure controversy as others come out against the brochure as well. [Mitchell, Sun-Times]

And finally
Because everyone is offended by everything, there's a family group that thinks one GEICO ad featuring its pig mascot is promoting bestiality. [Gawker]

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