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The Evening Rush for Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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The must-read news stories for February 27, 2013: School daze, Groupon's roller coaster, and a missing sausage costume


School Daze
Six charter schools have been put on a warning list by CPS due to poor performance. According to the Sun-Times' education reporter Lauren Fitzpatrick, Ace Tech, Aspira-Early College, Catalyst-Howland, CICS-Basic, Galapagos and North Lawndale-Collins charter schools all failed to meet academic performance requirements in at least two of the last three school years. Now that these schools have had their names written on the board, they will earn checkmarks next to their name if they don't shape up. And after two checks, you're outta here, mister. [Sun-Times]

Groupon's Roller Coaster
Despite seeing a jump in revenue, Groupon stocks tumbled because the forecast for their first quarter of 2013 fell short of expectations which is just another reason why I keep all of my money in a coffee can under the bed. [Sun-Times]

It's a new CTA Ad-Ventra! Get it?
When the CTA rolls out its new Ventra fare-payment system - allowing riders to use credit cards to pay for rides on transit - the cost of a single ride disposable ticket will actually cost $3: the normal $2.25 fare plus $0.75 fees (or, as I call it, the your-train-car-smells-like-pee-misery-tax). [Red Eye]

Catholic cutbacks
The Chicago archdiocese is eliminating 75 jobs and closing or consolidating five schools which comes just after the announcement that the Vatican will be dealing with a vacancy in its CEO position. [Sun-Times]

Messing with History
As the Supreme Court revisits the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and does so split right down ideological boundaries, it's a good time to revisit the history of the act and why it still matters today, particularly in areas of the country (coughTHESOUTHcough) where voter suppression still (allegedly) occurs. [LA Times, PBS NewsHour]

One step closer
Late last night, a state house committee narrowly approved the bill that would allow gay marriage in the state of Illinois. The bill now moves on to a full house vote, likely sometime next week, though an exact date hasn't been announced. [Sun-Times]

Hold the sausage
The Milwaukee Brewer's Racing Italian Sausage - or its costume, anyway - is missing after a night of bar-hopping. [JSO]

Weed snares Webb
Bears left tackle J'Marcus Webb was arrested over the weekend on charges of marijuana possession. [Sun-Times]

Rush-ing to Allstate
The Chicago Rush Arena Football team is back and will play their games to a half-empty Allstate Arena. [Crain's]

The Bright One
Judy Masterson examines how that controversial brochure made by the North Chicago Police Dept - which uses a Dave Chappelle character - mirrors Chappelle's own dilemmas. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays from snow; Plow tracker

And finally
Better late than never: the U.N. has finally removed Osama bin Laden from their list of terrorist leaders they monitor for sanctions. But they're still faster than Mississippi. [AFT, ABC News]

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