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The Evening Rush for Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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The must-read stories for Feb. 19, 2013: Peterson Circus, Wasteful Meters, and WWE's Tea Party Patriot

Joel Brodsky, Photo by Joseph P. Meier/Sun-Times Media

Drew Peterson circus adds a new ring
The circus that is the ongoing Drew Peterson saga has added a new level of absurdity as Peterson's new lead attorney is going head-to-head with his former lead attorney, Joel Brodsky, over claims that Brodsky botched Peterson's case in the Kathleen Savio murder trial, resulting in that guilty verdict. The showdown is all part of Peterson's pitch for a new trial. Prosecutors contend that even with infighting and defense shenanigans, it doesn't prove that Peterson received ineffectual counsel and doesn't mean he'll get a new trial. If it's decided Peterson's guilty verdict is fair and square regardless of the legal implosion, expect the case to move quickly to the sentencing phase -- Peterson could face up to 60 years -- and for this huge legal circus to finally fold its tents and move on, because while these so-called adults continue to act out the most petulant episode ever of "Law & Order," Kathleen Savio is still dead and Stacy Peterson is still missing. [Sun-Times]

More meters, more problems
Turns out that Mayor Daley's flaming-bag-of-poop parting gift that is the parking meter deal is even worse for us than we realized, because those stupid stickers pile up an estimated 45 tons of unrecyclable trash per year. [Gapers Block]

Rape kits
Startling ineptitude from the Cook County Sheriff's office -- 51 untested rape kits dating from between 1986 and 2011 were recently discovered in Robbins. Sheriff Tom Dart plans to meet with residents and explain how the egregious mishandling happened. [Sun-Times]

The case against Pistorious
The murder case against Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorious was laid out at a bail hearing today while the runner stuck to his story that he mistook his girlfriend for a burglar. The hearing was adjourned until tomorrow. [BBC]

2nd District shenanigans
The race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. is taking a slew of strange, twisted turns -- because why not? It now involves gun votes, SuperPACs, and the mayor of New York City. [Sun-Times]

Pissing Contest 2: Budget Boogaloo
Remember how thrilling and exciting and enthralling the budget showdown between the White House and GOP was over the holidays as the government prepared to pull a Thelma & Louise over the "fiscal cliff"? No? You mean it was all a colossal torturing of a mentally exhausted citizenry that's tired of partisan bickering that serves no purpose and ends up screwing us all over no matter who wins? Oh, good. Then we can look forward to the next round of last-second budget cut panic next week. [NY Times]

Spidey sense is tingling
I'm blaming this Spider-Man-mask robbery on the Green Goblin because that's the kind of thing he'd do to Peter Parker. [Sun-Times]

Tinker to Evers to Cusack
Some changes are coming from the Cubs for the Seventh-Inning Stretch starting this year, including limiting the number of celebs invited to sing and then visit the WGN booth after singing (for as long as WGN airs the games). Also, look to hear more "modern" music at Wrigley this season so say hello to more Nelson during your games, Cubs fans. [Tribune, Sun-Times, YouTube]

Marathon server gets shin splints
Registration for the Chicago Marathon hit the wall today when the race's servers kept crashing, keeping hopeful participants from registering. No word who race organizers plan to blame for the snag but it'll probably be the runners just like the Great Water Debacle Of 2007. [Sun-Times, Tribune]

The Bright One
Thomas Conner takes a look at the rise of indie rockers Passion Pit ahead of their show Friday at the UIC Pavilion. [Sun-Times]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
The WWE just won its way back in to my cold, dead heart by introducing a new bad-guy Tea-Party "patriot" character. It's a brilliant move from an organization that's played villains off of all kinds of stereotypes so why not this one? As for all the angry outrage from Tea Party members over the character, well, they'd have a better argument if the WWE's character wasn't so spot on. Oh, and if the Tea Party hadn't done all that racist stuff since America elected a black president. [Mediaite, NBC, HuffPo, The Economist, HuffPo]

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